The new SF Mayor


I support London Breed for SF mayor!


Such a low life who has no better things to do. Most of the recycled politicians in SF are dump.

Forget all of them and vote for London Breed


Unfortunately, we have to resort to voting for the least of the worst, and not the best of the best again…


If you ran we will all vote for you. How’s that? :smile:


I wonder if San Tung would fund my run?


There’s a Chinese candidate. Does Sung Tung endorse her instead?


Of course, most Chinese will vote for him/her just because of the ethnicity.


Chinese community seems to favor London Breed. That Chinese candidate could hurt Breed. How much an impact can it be?

It’s good to know that the chinese community is smart in choosing London Breed.


Again, she is the “best” of the bunch for us owners…


You have to live in the real world of SF. Support London Breed since the alternatives are ugly. It’s unlikely to have a candidate from your own party.


"Supervisor Jane Kim and Mark Leno, who are also running in the June 5 race, were at the celebration as well. But “right now, it’s London,” said David Ho, a consultant and rising figure in Chinatown politics. “A month or two from now, it’s going to be clear she’s the person that Chinese voters feel the baton should be handed to.”

With four months left until the election, Breed is emerging as the heir to the Chinese American power structure that helped to elect Ed Lee, who died of a heart attack in December. Chinatown’s political elite is pulling away from Leno and Kim, who would be the first Asian American woman to be mayor, for one simple reason, political observers say: Breed is the candidate they think will win."


Mark Leno and the rest of the Board were stupid… the masses will rally behind Ms. Breed and she should win it easily, if again everyone voted…


It appears that Breed is the clear favorite to be the next mayor. Tell your people to make her win huge. A huge Breed win will send the message to Kim and Leno that their stupid attack on property rights are so old leftover from 70s. Kim and Leno have an ancient brain that’s outdated with the renovated SF


Now, be mindful I didn’t exactly say Ms. Breed would be a regular here in Manch’s world too (as a pro landlord/owner). She is big on affordable housing too and so we shouldn’t necessarily be clapping for joy here…


Breed is more pragmatic. She grew up in public housing and I guess she understands that private property is better than public housing.

Anyway, a huge Breed win will send a big warning to David Chiu and make him get rid of his semi ancient brain. Also a warning to Kim’s lover.

San Francisco has been renovated and a new poltical reality is already here. Some stupid politicians still live in decades old impressions.

It appears that SF Asians and blacks shares some common views on new housing development. Black people are more pragmatic, similar to Asians.



Go London Breed!

Leno’s ancient brain is out of touch with the world and he would turn many fine San Franciscans to homeless. Go away, Leno. Spare SF.

“London Breed: I grew up in public housing along with a lot of my friends. When we became adults and wanted to live in SF, many of us were pushed out. I didn’t understand; why weren’t we building more and making a direct connection between the people we know who need housing and the housing that we build?”


Poor people can’t afford new housing. New housing should be built for market rate buyers. The rent controlled old stock should be put out on a lottery every five years… rent controlled apartments should go to the people with the most need not just because you never move.


Ben Carson would be the perfect guy for SF. Self sufficiency is the magic sauce.

DragonBoy should ask his neighbors to post signs “Leno is property owner’s enemy” and let Leno fail with his ancient little brain. At the same time, make property rights an important part of election discourse.


I would probably just post: Ed Lee SAYS vote for London…or else!!! (you know how superstitious we chinese can be…)