The new SF Mayor


FB because I have a large amount of Jan 2020 options I would like to sell around August or September next year anyway. So if I made good money on them I can use it as down payment for a nice house.

I’d rather not sell the underlying stocks. I have a tiny bit of AMZN options too. Those are already very profitable but number far too small.



Simple. Get rid of building and planning. Put those workers on the street. Make them clean out the homeless camps.


Yup, the answer to government bureaucracy is adding another government employee to help deal with the bureaucracy.


Um, can we get some things done for the Fab 7x7, first, Ms. Mayor???




Her brother “received two years of extra time after prison officials found heroin in his possession while incarcerated.”

Prisoners still can heroin. How did he get money to buy heroin?


Worked overtime on making license plates???:grinning:


How about a few million for a Get Out Of Jail Card for your brother, Ms. Mayor???

Boy, every dollar for homeless and housing (affordable most likely). While I agree these areas deserve lion shares of the dough, come on!!! What about more police and teacher raises???

I think the voters of the Fab 7x7 should decide where the money should go!!!


No dice, Ms. Mayor. You can get back to work now…


Time to call Trump. :telephone_receiver:


This had a bad taste from the start. I hope this does not consume Ms. Breed’s 9-5 going forward. Her desire to give all of the windfall towards homelessness and addressing housing may hit the major issues of the Fab 7x7, but that is not smart. Spread it around, Mayor, spread it around…


Not smart politically, but I guess she owes it to her brother to give a hail mary.


Newsom can do the trick, bye bye Brown.

Merry Christmas, Mayor Breed!


Yeah, there’s no such thing as saving for when there’s a recession and a shortfall. That’d be crazy talk.


Government is all about spending OPM. It’s the spender’s dream to be the government.

Wish for a Christmas gift of public pension some days :joy:


Hmmm, the job is not that easy, is it, Miss Mayor???


I give credit for wanting to cut spending vs. just saying she needs a tax increase. There’s been a pretty big voter revolt on tax increases across the country. People just don’t trust the government or think it uses the money effectively.


We spend an ungodly amount on the homeless and what do we honestly get for that?


You get to sleep better knowing you did something to help, so you don’t feel guilty.