The new SF Mayor


Ain’t she older than you? You like older women? Or any women between 18 to 50?


I don’t think Jane Kim is older than me. Anyway as long as a woman looks younger than me that’s all I care.


Of course funeral black is not your style, you like the red envelope look :smile:


Funeral black + flip flop maybe the 2018 look.


She is in black in mourning for her dying career…


She wears funeral dress to mourn her disappearing political life. Early retirement should help cure the depression of losing.

There are supervisors to the left of Kim. Most Hispanic supervisors are much more leftist than Kim. But Kim is more productive than those Hispanic supervisors. Kim also banded with those Hispanic supervisors to get some bad stuff pass.

I’ve been wondering why there are so many extremely leftist Hispanic politicians. Most recent one is Alexandria Cortez. Maybe because South American countries are mostly socialist and populist and unstable. I think the 2016 USA is a little similar to the Latin American politics with fierce fighting and fired up emotions. Pretty scary.


How do you know she’s Kim? Did she notice that you took a photograph of her? Hope she remembers you as an admirer instead of a Kim hater.

It’s surprising that you took such a high definition photo


Yeah, they move from a socialist dump of a country to get away from it. Then they immediately start telling us how we should be more like the crappy country they left. Maybe they should realize there’s a reason we aren’t like the place they left.


Sounds like Californians in Nevada


Why did you have to get all controversial???


WTF??? I was counting on her to fix the algebra issue. That’s it. I am leaving.


Who told you to count on a bigot? And a female one at that… :rofl:


She’s not a bigot. People are just over sensitive.


Really? Then why did she withdraw? Does she have a weak heart and can’t take any slandering? You probably don’t want to count on such a weak-hearted person to lead the way anyways… :rofl:


I guess teaching algebra in middle school is considered racist in SF. Time to pack and go.


Where are you going to?


Depends on how high (or how low :scream:) FB stock will be next year. :pray:


Why not Amzn?


At the price and quantity he bought, gain more for FB than AMZN.


Let him speak, stop extrapolating for him…