The new SF Mayor


Where do you usually park? Portsmouth or street?


I almost always park at that garage on Pacific. I don’t bother trying to find a street spot anymore.


Ok. Why is your doctor down there instead of say San Jose or the burbs?


Err because I live in SF? My doc in SF is not bad. Harvard grad.


Oh, I just figured you had a doc from the time you were living down there…


It’s great that Chinatown has completed gutter Kim out. She can prepare to retire from politics now.

Next step is to get good candidate from west side to key positions. Maybe replace that Richmond supervisor with someone like Josephine Zhao. Once SF is turned, those clowns in Sacramaneto will give up and retire like Kim.


Ok this seals it!!


To get to the bottom of the delays, Breed is proposing an ADU task force that would include officials from the Planning Department, Department of Building Inspection and Fire Department. The working group would go through the cases in the backlog and figure out which applications can be sped up.

“ADUs are a creative way to produce more housing in a market that desperately needs it,” she added. “We need to get these units to the market sooner rather than later.”


If Breed can get thousands of ADUs built quickly, what impact will it be? SF population will boom. More workers can live in SF and avoid long commute.

Will it reduce the rent though?


Why bother speeding up ADU approval if few people apply anyway? Nobody in their right mind will do ADU and put their houses under rent control.

It’s a roach motel. Don’t go in.


If a duplex is already under rent control, adding 1 or 2 ADUs can’t hurt.

If I were the mayor, I would make it fast and easy for owners to add ADU. But I won’t force owners to build or not build. More ADUs benefit the public so a good mayor should should do it


Rent control is the issue. Get rid of it, and thousands of ADUs will appear.


Exactly! I think I stated before - my research w my attorney indicated that adding an ADU to an SFH can potentially expose not only the ADU but also the SFH itself to rent control… regardless of the “party line” of the rent board. So adding an ADU to an SFH…no way jose … roach motel.


I think if the building is big, for instance already having 8+ rent controlled units, then you are right, adding 1 or 2 RC ADUs cannot hurt. The business model for the building is already well established.

But if the building is a duplex, adding another RC ADU just narrows the owner’s options and makes future TIC or other conversions that much more difficult.


Imagine what this would be worth without rent control ?
97% more at least. That is $2m in stolen value with no compensation for a mom and pop landlord. Multiply that by 10000. All that money stolen…by communists like Kim Leno and the rest.

Offered at: $2,200,000
Great Add Value Property!

•Unit Mix: Four 2 Bd/1 Ba Units and Two 1 Bd/1 Ba Units
•19.57 GRM
•97.31% Upside in Rents
•Walking Distance to Clement Street Corridor, Mountain Lake Park, and Transportation to Downtown SF
•1:1 Parking Ratio


OMG look at those figures. They are getting a little over $1500 per unit. Good luck in getting that 97.31% upside in rents.

The other day, I met a very elderly landlord who was leasing a pretty yuck looking unit in an obviously rent controlled building. She told me she had bought the building at market price, fair and square, in the mid 80s. Then came rent control. Fast forward to 2018, and her building is in big time disrepair — as she told me she has TWO UNITS with tenants that have been there for at least FIFTY years ---- predates her ownership!


Rent control came in the 70s.
I have almost doubled my income and net value in Tahoe in just 2 years. With one 8 unit building. Can you imagine the economic activity and potential that has been sapped out of SF in the last 40 years … hundreds of billions… with no rent control and better zoning SF would be full of elegant high rises, no homeless and no communists.


Ah, I got the timeline mixed up. In my view, rent control to some degree (though perhaps not 100pc) has worked to transfer wealth from apartment building owners in SF to SFH/Condo owners. Crazy talk ahead — perhaps rent control ONLY ON EXISTING APT BUILDINGS should be favored by SFH and Condo owners as it keeps their values up? Food for thought. Note that I am not debating eviction control — which in my view is terrible.


Rent control is favorable to existing residents. Even dragonboy. He does not want high rise construction in his neighborhood. But it is the only solution to the housing shortage. Higher density in exchange for no rent control. Sfh homeowners are all nimbyies. They are the problem not the solution in a city of myopic neighborhoods like SF. We need a little top down central control like China. That is where communism can be useful. Unlike grassroots myopia ala SF.


I would suggest that this is where a little bit of authoritarianism from the landed gentry (not communism) might be useful. Just a little.