The new SF Mayor


Oh no doubt that between the downing of the Embarcadero freeway from the earthquake and people simply moving to the burbs or the avenues Chinatown lost a lot of influence. But, notice how the area did not gentrify, right? Come on, the Mission gentrified much faster even. The subway station though may be the game changer that blows this area up for development. The area is so prime it is ridiculous…


Without rent control it would gentrify in 3 years


Mission has more single family homes. Chinatown is full of big apartment buildings full of tenants. That’s the reason for slow gentrification.

I think the next mayor Breed may help with your demolition and rebuilding of Chinatown. After the rebuilding, Chinatown will become a center of high paying professionals and they will help you get rid of rent control, or loosen rent control


Some good points, but honestly, again it is because we Chinese own the buildings and we ain’t hurting for money. That, is the real reason for no gentrification. Follow the money, boys, follow the money…


But the Chinese owner’s tenants outnumber the Chinese owners.

I think Kim is the biggest Trump supporter since she has turned some SF citizens to Trump supporters by her petty “tenant protection” regulations.

Again, SF tenant protection has been perfected long time ago. The “progressives” can now do very little to please tenants any more. Any more regulation is trivial to tenants and has become an insult and bully against owners. “Progressives” have been using tenant issue as their major secret sauce, but now they are totally lost. That’s why the moderate will take over SF politics for sure.


What is stopping the owners from upgrading their buildings (earthquake proofing, new windows, etc) and then passing as much of that to their tenants? Yes, there are limits to how much but still. What about Ellis Acting the entire building? There are ways around it, IF the pot of money at the end of the rainbow is big enough for investors/owners to want to try it. If you can add market rate residents in this prime piece of land while only needing to meet the affordable housing minimum requirements don’t you think owners or investors would do it?


If you have Kim as your mayor, she’ll disapprove any new building plans afte your Ellis. She won’t even allow a 100% BMR building. At that point, you will beg Kim to buy your land for pennies.

Planning commission has many limitations on your land if you go through an Ellis. There are so much money looking for opportunities, what’s the reason that Chinatown’s prime land is mostly occupied by old rundown buildings with clothes hanging all over the place? If you can Ellis, domolate then build new, why are the investors so blind to these prime land?

Just make Breed the mayor and go from there. No other option.

Planning commission is the key. Vote a good mayor so that she can appoint a more reasonable planning commission


Even Kim is not bigger than the housing crisis we are in. That is why if anything, Wiener’s bill needs to pass. That will overrule Kim or the Planning Commission. We simply need more housing and this dilly dallying around is why everyone is moving out of the Bay Area. It is a balancing act, remember. I am smart enough to know that yes I want my money but I don’t want to overprice the area to the point that everyone finds greener pastures. Greed is good, just don’t be too greedy.


Wiener’s bill has a lot of resistance from many California cities that have no housing “crisis”. Housing “crisis” only exist in a few rent controlled cities like SF and Oakland. Palo Alto and San Mateo are against Wiener for example.

Local control is a very big issue. I’m not sure about Wiener’s bill


Here is an example of what I am talking about. Why can’t this happen in Chinatown? Chinatown has way too many unreinforced masonry buildings that would not stand a chance in a decent sized earthquake so the owners are going to Ellis Act if necessary and upgrade the buildings. Of course, this takes sweet time for the owners to do it and surely owners have the resources to outlast the displaced tenants.


Why is Kim so disliked? I did some googling and one affair that she had came up, with the married man. Is that the main reason?


Well, would you like it if you had a lease agreement with say 1 tenant in a 2 bedroom place but due to Ms. Kim’s legislation your tenant legally can go ahead and let 3 NEW roommates come into the apartment to live since that is now allowed? Yeah, Kim can go to you know where…

Here is the pathetic legislation and roommates guidelines if you don’t believe me…


She is a civil rights attorney and a communist


Jane Kim is strongly disliked due to her position on property rights. She attacks property rights with extreme measures that brings only very trivial benefit to tenants. She is the most extreme property rights trespasser.

I heard that she angered the Asian community by her ridiculous proposals. I heard that She further angered the Asian community when she was invited by Asian property owners to have a community meeting. That was an opportunity for her to back off and soften her tone, but she showed zero respect to property rights. That changed her Asian supporters into fierce enemy and the following article showed the consequence of her interactions with her former Asian supporters


I sure hope so.


Watch Josephine Zhao, she’s running for office this year. That’s your hope to repeal rent control.

“Josephine Zhao is one of those more conservative power players in Chinatown now, and she rallies Chinese landlords in San Francisco. She’s hosted banquets to fundraise for Wiener’s state senate campaign”


Very interesting. That was a big mistake for Jane Kim!


Just came back from Chinatown. London breed poster is dominating the shops there. No sight of Kim. I saw some that I think maybe leno’s? But the posters are small and without pictures, unlike Breed’s.

Anyone who wants to see the ugly belly of SF should drive down tenderloin and then 6th St. Truly apocalyptic.


Oooh, where did you go? Golden Gate Bakery? Or, that place on Jackson that has my coconut buns for 5 bucks for a dozen? My God, the simple pleasures of life all there in Chinatown!!!


Just went to see my doctor. Didn’t go to any of the places you mentioned, but did buy some bakery in a random shop on Stockton. That Mong Kok dim sum place had about a dozen clueless Westerners lined up.

Looks like Breed has Chinatown in her bag.