The new SF Mayor



I was at the First Republic Branch on Stockton last Friday. As I was conducting my business, I was chatting with the banker. The lady banker mentioned that she grew up in Chinatown but has since moved out and that she normally works at the FR branch on 19th and Irving. She was filling in that day for an absence in the Chinatown branch.

I asked her what she thought of the subway — and much to my surprise she said that she noticed that Chinatown is cleaner than it was back in her day — and that she continues to notice incremental changes here and there.

Granted Stockton Street is not exactly Forest Hills, but still, I was surprised to hear her say that. I did not grow up in Chinatown and therefore have a more fleeting reference.


What, it’s not Forest Hills? The thing though is, that section of Stockton Street is still being worked on heavily from the subway station so people and businesses are just not running at full throttle (so less dirty, maybe). Now, I am assuming there would be no more surface street buses running on Stockton after the subway is operational. If that is true, that should also help the street and area.


No, no, no!!!


Wow, people need to mobilize to beat Kim into retirement. Breed needs to lead by 20%!

“This poll has London Breed in first place at 29 percent, Jane Kim in second at 26 percent, and Mark Leno in third at 19 percent. Former supervisor Angela Alioto is in fourth place at eight percent. Remaining candidates Amy Farah Weiss, Richie Greenberg, Ellen Lee Zhou, and Michelle Bravo pulled a combined three percent.”


How does SF election work? Is it whoever gets the most votes or do they drop candidates and keep going until someone has a majority?


Here ya go…


Awesome. Two thirds of people don’t even know the three branches of government, and they are supposed to understand that?


Darn! Who should be forum’s 2nd and 3rd choices?


Essentially this is how Jean Quan won back in Oakland, which also uses ranked voting. What happened to keeping things simple? I need to revive my Electoral College thread…


This ranked voting is just bullshit.

  1. London Breed
  2. Angela Alioto
  3. Richie Greenberg or Ellen Lee Zhou

99: Leno
100: Kim


What about no.3?


Richie Greenberg or Ellen Lee Zhou for #3。You can choose someone who has no chance as #3. The #3 choice is more a statement than vote, but need to make sure that Never Kim Never Leno.

Greenberg on homeless:

“obviously losing on Homelessness issue. Any fix will require hard work and tough decisions. No answer will be easy. As mayor, I will cease the incentives attracting those homeless from other cities to move here for free handouts. Nearly 30% of the estimated 7,300 homeless individuals in San Francisco found their way here from somewhere else. And a priority will be comprehensive review and performance audit of each and every homeless outreach agency. Our city will not have a homelessness industry. We have got to stop throwing taxpayers money at issues in hopes they go away. I will demand everything possible to get our streets cleaned up, including a city works program to clean the streets, for city beautification, and help those in need pick themselves up and get into housing.”

Zhou on drug abuse:

“Eliminate drug abuse, included opioid, street drugs and recreational marijuana to improve our quality of life.”


A lot of the panhandler homeless actually commute from Oakland.




:rofl:So Chinese voters dislike Kim’s policy but like her beauty? Are those Chinese voters voting on candidate’s looks?

Then there is no need for “attack” ads. You only need to tell those Chinese voters what Kim’s policy is

“The West Side is more conservative, especially West Side Chinese homeowners,” he said.
When asked about the poll, Kim noted she’s the only candidate who began their work advocating in Chinatown, particularly for Chinese seniors.


Latterman was on Wiener’s campaign in 2016 and said he saw a similar pattern: Kim’s more progressive politics don’t easily gel with those voters, particularly because of her support of homeless peoples’ right to tents.

“The West Side is more conservative, especially West Side Chinese homeowners,” he said.
When asked about the poll, Kim noted she’s the only candidate who began their work advocating in Chinatown, particularly for Chinese seniors.

Right to tents? WTF?


If London wants it bad enough, she better start coming with the negative ads regarding Kim. I recently just got not just a flyer from London but more of a book practically that explains why she is the one for us.


Westside Chinese voters will determine the election result. London has no need to do any negative campaign and she better not.

There needs to be independent super PAC to reveal the true Kim to those Chinese voters, show them the truly ugly interior, not the exterior and not just the curb appeal.

“That’s a big deal, said David Latterman, principal at political consultancy Brick Lane Advisors, because the West Side is where the mayor’s race will be won. And as many San Franciscans know, from the Richmond and Sunset districts down to Parkmerced, the West Side is home to a sizable Chinese community.”