The new SF Mayor


What about the right to drugs and right to shit on street? That’s the complete package!


Mission district loves Kim and Leno. Breed signs is missing in Mission

"Meanwhile, District 5 Supervisor London Breed, painted by progressives to be an incarnation of monied interests, led the poll at 33 percent. Given the few London Breed signs in the Mission, it appears she has left Mission voters to Kim and Leno. "

For more than two decades – and, in fact, as long as District 9 has existed in its current form – the Mission has voted for progressive supervisors, starting with Tom Ammiano, and, later, David Campos and Hillary Ronen.

“For progressives, the Mission has always been Ground Zero for the changes that are making San Francisco unaffordable for working-class and low-income people,” said Campos, now the chair of the Democratic County Central Committee.

“So it’s not surprising that two leading progressive candidates have decided to focus on the Mission,” he added.


West Side is the Midwest that determine last year’s presidential election. Looks that this mayoral race is going to be competitive, and the Chinese voters in the west side will select the next mayor.

Will districts 1 and 7 support London and abandon Kim?

“Moreover, the swing districts are in the west side of the city – Districts 1, 4, 5, and 7 – which have a high percentage of Asian voters, whose support is largely split. Districts 1 and 7 voted in progressive Supervisors Sandra Lee Fewer and Norman Yee, respectively. And Districts 4 and 5 favored moderates Katy Tang and London Breed, respectively.”


Gee, I wonder why Jane is opposed to housing density bill all of a sudden???


Kim wants

  1. Tents on sidewalks
  2. Soft on criminals and hard on police
  3. Rob the landlord for her own political gain

“Wiener told me Thursday “Clearly what Jane Kim is doing is to appeal to some voters on the West Side, when her actual politics are very inconsistent with the West Side. She’s supported tents on sidewalks and opposed increased funding for police officers.””


Kim should be forced to live with her supporters, the homeless


If Kim became mayor, time to sell and leave SF?


I already moved away. SF has been a mess since the hippy invasion in 1967. The year I started going to Lick Wilmerding HS


But you fully enjoyed the drugs and sex back then right? :smile:


No…Never had anything to do with those filthy freeloaders


She’d accelerate SF on the path to being the next Detroit.


Two Words: Term Limits

The Fab 7x7 will survive anything, including Jane Kim!!!


Jane, Jane, Jane…


Just came back from Chinatown again. Saw some Jane Kim posters! But there are more Leno posters than Kim. Also saw some from Zhou. But most are from Breed. Hers is also the best done with a good looking picture.


Come on, you didn’t take one of Lil Kim’s did you?


This is what commie Kim has in store for you…


Wow, there’s a mayor candidate for small property owners!

They should invite her to debates so that people can hear the voice from the small landlords.

She might be right that there’s too much corruption in SF’s big government.

Zhou is an independent

"Nonpartisan People Don’t Fight’

Zhou said many years ago that she started out as a Democrat, then switched to Republican, and eventually decided to become nonpartisan. She registered to run for mayor on Dec. 20, 2017, as a nonpartisan candidate. She wanted to send a message to the voters: “I don’t want to get involved in the [partisan] fighting. I am for the people and for the workers. I am the only person who can direct San Francisco [in the right direction]. Even though I might not be known yet, eventually people will see the truth.""

“When you have love, you will do what is right to help people from suffering. Many homeless people suffer and die on the streets. Many Chinese small property owners with limited English are being sued through corrupted activities, and they suffer from depression and anxiety.


Sadly, she does not have a chance of sniffing the chair…


I personally wish Willie Brown would run. The city needs leadership not amateurs that want everyone to feel good.


Brown of course was accused of widespread cronyism and backroom dealings when he was Da Mayor and he couldn’t fix Muni or the homeless either really…