The New "We Don't Care" Health Insurance Program


There’s business opportunity to group shopping healthcare for people without an employer. Self employed people can buy cheaper/better health insurance from group shopping. The only people who use Obamacare would be low income and high risk people who would be subsidized among themselves and by the taxpayers as a whole. It’s not fair to ask other self employed people to subsidize low income and high risk people.

In any case, pre-existing condition should never be used by insurance company and should be kept as confidential and no one is allowed to use it to reject or increase premium


No one will attack the real issues:

  1. 5% of people are 50% of the spending. Other countries ration care with long wait times, so individuals can’t rack up massive bills for care.
  2. 80% of spending is chronic disease and a majority of it is preventable through healthier living.
  3. US consumers 80% of the prescription drugs in the world. That’s way more than we should given our population as a percent of the world.
  4. 50% of Americans are pretty healthy and account for 3% of spending. We need more healthy people.

All the partisan arguments center on who should pay the healthcare bills for the country. Those solutions won’t fix anything. Healthcare spending is growing 2x faster than GDP. It keeps swallowing a bigger and bigger part of the economy. Arguing over who’s going to pay for it isn’t going to fix the issue or avoid economic disaster for the country.


let me pick on (1). When the ACA attempted to require Primary Care Physicians to discuss end of life planning with patients, it was attacked by Republicans as “death panels”. I didnt see any Republican speak out against it as it served their political end goals.

We are not as a society going to move forward if one party consistently puts party before country and doesn’t want to work towards mutual benefit


$1100 for 2…Because I am 63, I get screwed.Just hope I dont need it or it will cost an additional $10k…in 18 months it will go down…Medicare…The system is a mess and full of unfair rules…Personally I think medicare for all is the only solution. .That way everyone pays and everyone benefits
With current system the poor and rich do ok…The poor just go to the emergency room and declare bankruptcy in a disaster. .The rich and employees with employer paid healthcare do ok…It is only self employed middle-class people that are squeezed and we are a small minority…no political clout…


Fire all politicians. Put all career politicians in jail. Healthcare spending will go from 18% GDP to 9%


Over $10 mil in net worth and considered yourself middle class?


Emotions trumps over reality. We saw that with Benghazi, emails, the uranium deal, the wall paid for by Mexico, jailing Hillary, cheap healthcare, jobs for everyone in the coal mine country, etc. It just took a smart typing to Google it and find the truth. And republican constituents are packing the town hall meetings and make the republican politicians running for their lives since they know now what hell they are trying to put in place with their disgraceful Trumpcare. The death panels are now a reality, and no, Obama doesn’t have anything to do with it.

We see the same with real estate. Hey guys! I am getting lots of revenue by becoming a real estate investor. Duh! Not really. Most are still working a second job. They would starve to death if they didn’t. Hard to see one investor enjoying life and not moving a finger working on new deals. Same life I follow, always following the shiny mirror. Right?

There’s a meme somewhere saying that if we don’t get good healthcare, preventive care for all, what good it is to be protecting this country if everybody is going to be sick or dying.

By the way, I am still laughing at some comments. Not a single shred of criticism for the failed Trumpcare. Still avoiding to comment on that issue. Still unable to accept you bought line, hook and sinker. A heavy one! There ain’t going to be a cheap and better than Obamacare healthcare. Not until we accept we spend more on stupidity like the war machine, tens of military outposts all over the world drying us out with the expenses. And firing the marketing abilities of the insurance industry doing nothing but the bookkeeping for nothing. CEOs earning millions in bonuses every year, and raising the premiums every 6 months or a year.

There are cheap healthcare policies out there. Don’t get fooled. It’s the minimum just to cover the fines the companies would incur if they are audited during the tax season. A couple of visits to the doctor, and some vaccines, but nothing else. Visits to the doctor are like $60 a pop, a few visits a year that is. So restrictive but to avoid the penalties in tax time. I showed pictures of them long ago in this topic.

Now, the new and still in the mill Trumpcare, with no penalties for providing healthcare, and you having preexisting conditions, guess what your boss is going to do if you cost him too much? If you work for yourself, whatever $ you were complaining about will be double if not 10 times more expensive. Follow me? But thanks for playing!

So, again, ptiemann told us something real. That’s it. Anything else you can go pound sand to the beaches of Idaho.

Here, again, this is the video making rounds online. This is what’s waiting for republicans in the next elections. Yeah, let’s hear it from you, shall we?


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After 20 years hitting $5 mil, is less than $10 mil? I think you should sell all your RE and put into S&P index which appreciate at 7% p.a. $5 mil in S&P index fund appreciates at 7% would become $19 mil after 20 years.


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@buyinghouse You aren’t even capable of understanding the conversation. I’ve showed you proof your repeated claims are false. That’s really no point. It’s like discussing calculus with a kid learning 2 + 2 = 4.


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I am of the opinion that same as on the abortion problem, women and doctors have more leverage on the issue than anybody trying to pass as mathematician.


In the last 20 years, BA home price quadrapled. Appreciation alone is equal to the SP500 total return. If you account for rent, it can beat SP500 handily.

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Health, this topic is about healthcare.