The New "We Don't Care" Health Insurance Program


Loss can’t happen if you hold and never sell. Flipping is a risky game. Which flipper is rich now?


I wasnt flipping…doing hard money loans…I was lazy and paid a steep price


Any math or statistics to back that up?


Google that name, then ask Dr. Thom Hartmann about it, I am too lazy for that, I am not on the idea of being negative about other wonderful ideas.
Then go to those countries where they don’t have the middle man aka insurance companies doing the bookkeeping.

They must have something better than our ACA. I mean, Trumpcrapcare…if there’s any because at this pace, we are 4 month, 3 months too long since Twhitler swore would enact a cheap and better healthcare.

And that’s the topic, where is that cheap insurance which would include preexisting conditions? Crickets, crickets, crickets…


What is specifically different about pre-existing conditions between ACA and the new proposal?

If you want to talk affordability.

Employer plan:
$900 deductible
10% co-insurance after deductible until max
$4,900 out-of-pocket max

WA state exchange:
$3,000 deductible
20% co-insurance after deductible until max
$13,000 max-out -of-pocket

The state exchange plan is more expensive in every possible way.


I’m not sure it’s obamacare related
But from what i heard Aetna lose hella money with obamacare and now existing subscriber might be paying for it.
my aetna plan PPO is becoming useless. Buying medicine with cash and office visit with cash now is way cheaper than using my insurance. I’ll look to switch to another plan next year.


One of the premises was everyone had to get insurance. The healthy people signing up would be profitable for insurers. They’d offset the cost of the unhealthy people signing up. Overwhelmingly, only the unhealthy signed up. The premiums aren’t covering the cost of care they are consuming.


Still with the old thing of the insurance companies this, 'n that?
You guys are still in the middle ages or what? I repeat, the problem is not the healthcare itself, it’s the paperwork, the middle man, the bookkeeping that is embedded in this tragedy, the $ millions going to the pockets of those CEOs earning bonuses for nothing. It is the comparison of the guy in the valet parking earning 1K times more than the manager of the hotel.

So, don’t worry, I really don’t care about your feelings as well as you don’t care about the rest of the country going to suffer bigly with this fiasco of Trumpcare. I am just warning you, you may be laughing at the fact that you get health insurance through your job, but once they are not forced to provide that insurance for you, plus knowing you are so expensive 'cause preexisting conditions, they will tell you to pay for it.

All I know is that when it comes to save money, since you are “healthy”, corporations or your run of the mill company will say, why bother giving health insurance to a healthy stud, right?

But relax, watch the following movie. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Before Obamacare, my employer at the time provided healthcare even though it wasn’t required. Every employer I’ve had since college has provided it.

So you don’t know what’s actually different about pre-existing conditions do you? You just read a headline that said it was bad, so you repeat it.

The beauty of Obamacare is insurers must pay 80% of the premiums in claims. That means their total administrative costs plus profits can only be 20%. So you still think that 20% is the biggest problem with healthcare costs.


I don’t know, call the health department.

Now, what were you saying about living healthy, eating healthy?

Lead with example they said somewhere.


I debunk your claim about how much insurers cost us. You don’t even know what’s different about pre-existing condition coverage. So now you pivot.


Direct control in an investment you know very well is safer than handing money to other people. Hard money lending is a risky biz, especially during the peak and post peak. If you have fund to lend as hard money, why not flip yourself? Flippers do not lose that much since they can sense the market change and immediately stop or slow down.

It’s very hard to find some money manager who has the same incentive as you


Yes dumbsters, it can be done!


Let NY try it and see how much money they “save”. A huge portion of it is supposed to come from ending drug and medical device monoplolies. How will they do that? Are they not going to recognize or enforce patents?

The tax to pay for it starts at 9% on income over $25k and goes up to 16% on income over $200k.

Before you wish for this, you should remember the data that shows Medicare and Medicaid reject a higher percent of claims than private insurers.


Math? Statistics? Hell, the statement itself is false. Many countries, both developed (Switzerland) and developing (China), have for-profit health care.



The performance of Switzerland is even more impressive when you consider how fiscally stable it is. The Swiss system, called Santésuisse, is striking in its differences to ours. Government spending on health care in Switzerland is only 2.7 percent of GDP, by far the lowest in the developed world. By contrast, in 2008, U.S. government spending on health care was 7.4 percent of GDP. If the U.S. could move its state health spending to Swiss levels, it would save more than $700 billion a year.

Despite this apparent stinginess, the Swiss have achieved universal coverage for all its citizens. The Swiss have access to the latest technology, just as Americans do, and with comparably low wait times for appointments and procedures. And the Swiss are among the healthiest people on earth: while life expectancy is not the ideal proxy for overall health, nor of a health care system’s performance, life expectancy for a Swiss citizen on his 65th birthday is second only to that of Japan’s


None of this has to do with insurers.


Yep, the Swiss require everyone to buy private health insurance and they are a responsible, compliant people so government spending on health care is low.


But, but Obamacare.
And Trumpcare is what? Away from what the Swiss have built. Far, far away!

Why don’t we start a movement to stop smoking?

Never mind, nobody cares, we all bitch but won’t move a finger. Including you.