The New "We Don't Care" Health Insurance Program


LOL, you want to talk about morals?

You were mad and denounced the pathetic, vulgar candidate when he said that…and for those who read this, excuse my French…**wanted to F… that “married woman” and jokingly he said he liked to grab women by their ssy? How about talking about women bleeding from somewhere?..Oh! How about walking into teenager pageants and grown up women changing rooms during Miss Universe when they were naked?

Do you like to peep on naked women Marcus? Ohhh…you like that, don’t you? Why getting mad if I tell you that you enjoy doing so, you support a person who mocked and enjoyed such moments. It would be a joke for you doing that, right?

Would you leave your teenager daughter, or your beautiful wife in the changing room with that pervert? I bet you’d do that, your profound lack of dignity and love for that tragedy of a president doesn’t have limits. None whatsoever. Nada.

Yeah, I admire your “morals”. I bet you talk to your wife, your kids, and every night you tell them how proud you are of such a vulgar president who lacks of morals, don’t you?

Are you that (.) to tell me I don’t have morals because I want American kids dying of mysterious diseases to have a chance to be cured, while you advocate for that help to be redirected towards a foreign and brain dead kid? Very kind of you Marcus!

Are you really, really that (.) Marcus? You want to “try” to cure a kid from England, a poor kid with a dead brain, while leaving our still active kids, watching themselves dying, losing their motor skills, going blind, deaf, so unattended by our own government? OK…You are such an adorable moral and with such dignity guy.

I bet you would be so mad at me for trying to call the attention that one of your kids is dying of an incurable disease and needs help. I bet you would be so mad at me because your love for the troglodyte in the white house is bigger than your intellect. I bet you would fight for that kid from England to be first, and your kid…what the heck! Let him die…England is first!

So much for America first.
And Made in America.


You’ve gone way off the deep end.


But charity organizations, not the dumb government are doing something for any type of sick kids. And they don’t do it for the photo op. This poor kid on the video, wouldn’t make it to the US today.


Speaking of the deep end, some people are still dumb or really so ignorant of the facts being presented to them:

"Some Americans were there for dental care, some for tests for glaucoma and some for mammograms, but many of those receiving treatment in places usually reserved for cattle were still supportive of President Trump. <-----the stupidity of some people is amazing! :triumph:

They cited rising Obamacare bills for the reason they were there, talking to the Telegraph, and were adamant the Republican property tycoon-turned-politician would turn things around for them." :joy:


Any of my famous “not smart” contributors, please help me with the numbers.

Is it strike 4,5 or 6 on Trumpcare or what?

When are these poor human beings going to realize they look so stupid repealing without replacing?

After 8 years of beaching…these arrogant people can’t get their chit together?

Home run baby! Aren’t we tired of winning? :rofl::rofl:


Incredible! A health organization created by a guy who goes to foreign countries to take care of sick people is staying here in the US because that’s where they need him, those hurt by the lack of universal healthcare are in the thousands everywhere!

Brock ended up founding Remote Area Medical to work in places like the Amazon, Haiti and Uganda.
But then one day he had a call from Sneedville, Tenn., where the hospital had just closed and the dentist moved out. “Can you come here?” the caller asked.


Skinny what?

Oh boy! Where are the Trumpcare supporters nowadays? Their Fuhrer is furious. He has been served a tremendous, bigly, yuge, incredible defeat. :rofl:


Opinion | Now that Trumpcare has failed, it’s time to drop all the lies


It’s fitting that President Trump reacted to the epic collapse of the GOP repeal-and-replace push by vowing to keep up his campaign to sabotage the Affordable Care Act. “Let Obamacare implode, then deal,” Trump tweeted, meaning the administration should continue undermining the law, to force Democrats to the table to … well, it’s not clear what he wants from them, but it is clear is that he will continue sabotaging the ACA out of sheer rage and spite.

For Trump, this has never been about improving our health-care system. Trump, who visibly had no idea how the ACA works or what was in the various GOP replacements, and who openly said he would sign whatever Republicans put in front of him, just wanted to boast of a “win” while triumphantly using Barack Obama’s signature domestic achievement as his own personal toilet paper roll.

Trump has not yet secured that opportunity for himself. The “skinny repeal” bill failed, after Sen. John McCain cast the dramatic vote against it that:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, along with the opposition of Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins, sealed its fate, and for now, the fate of the GOP repeal push. Trump raged that all Democrats and three Republicans had “let the American people down.” But this outcome, ironically, was good news not just for the United States, but also for untold numbers of Trump’s own voters, the low-income and aging whites who also benefited from the ACA’s historic coverage expansion. Trump’s voters were spared the destructive impact of his peculiar combination of ignorance, megalomania and sheer indifference to the fate of millions. <------:relieved:


Sometimes, you got to look at the bright side of darkness. This poor kid could have been a guinea pig for fighting the suffering of a disease known to be incurable. It was too late for him, nothing could have saved him. May he rest in peace.

The parents of a terminally-ill British infant that has captured global attention on Friday said he has died.

Connie Yates and Chris Gard said that Charlie Gard’s life had ended at eleven months old after battling a rare genetic disease.

“Our beautiful little boy has gone,” Yates said, according to The Daily Mail. “We are so proud of you Charlie.”

Charlie Gard was moved to a hospice Thursday where he died the following day after struggling with mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome.






Thanks for supporting the need for universal care.

"Public programs do not fully pay for the cost of care. The latest figures estimate that hospitals lose $35 billion a year on Medicare, Medicaid and other forms of government reimbursement. For specific procedures, the picture can be even bleaker.

Take note, because this money isn’t lost – you pay the difference. Unable to absorb these losses, the bill gets passed to commercial insurers and employers that purchase health plans for their employees. Hence the itemized charges of $25 for an aspirin or $100 for diapers that are paid by insurers today, and by you and me tomorrow in the form of higher premiums and co-pays. And it’s only going to get worse as our population ages and more of us call Medicare our insurance provider."


Who do you think will pay for care with universal care? It’ll be the government. They’ll reimburse at Medicare and Medicaid rates. Facilities won’t be able to cover their operating costs, and they’ll go out of business.

You should also educate yourself on wait times:

"- Breast cancer surgery in 38 days (provinces ranged from 27 to 49 days);

  • Colorectal cancer surgery in 44 days (provinces ranged from 26 to 68 days);
  • Lung cancer surgery in 47 days (provinces ranged from 28 to 87 days);
  • Bladder cancer surgery in 60 days (provinces ranged from 37 to 89 days); and
  • Prostate cancer surgery in 88 days (provinces ranged from 62 to 116 days)."


And who do you think own the hospitals, and pay employees in countries that have universal healthcare? My former country? I can tell you but you wouldn’t believe it.

You keep kicking the tires of that old car. Who pays? Wait times, blah, blah, blah.

Of course the gov pays. It’s through our taxes which according to the countries that have UC, are raised to accommodate the expenses. We just go to the hospital, maybe pay parking and that is it!

You are still stuck to the idea that all health insurance comes to insurers getting paid. Get them out of the map, that’s the plan. Period.

One thing though, is it worth for the American people to wait a month or so in order to not lose their homes while going to a surgery? I bet they would say yes. That’s what most of the ignorant people screaming and yelling kill Obamacare-we don’t want universal healthcare don’t understand. It’s a peace of mind! It helps to know you won’t lose an eye in order to cure a stomach ulcer.

It happens, until it hits them in the face.

Anyway, how is Trumpcare doing these days? I heard the dumb in charge of is threatening senators, calling for letting Obamacare implode but at the same time trying to sabotage the payments to the “insurers” and in that attempt trying to kill people, specially old people according to his worthless program. What a shame!

But Obama once gave his opinion on police killing black people and there they were, the badmouth populace saying he was a police killer and so on. But this open mouth trapping flies president? He is encouraging the police to abuse their power by “not being nice”. Gee, if they are nice now, imagine if they become nicer? And that wasn’t a subtle “I think he said this”. :triumph:

The poor guy doesn’t know crap about anything. Some day he will learn…how to speak in English, and in complete sentences without the hail Marry look at me, I am good, look! me, I, me, me, me. :rofl:

Thanks God you are not a republican, otherwise you would be here defending him. :smile::rofl::joy:


Read, listen, that will make you free…


The government owns and runs VA hospitals. How good is that care? Would you be happy with VA care?

Then when you cut the pay of medical people, how many fewer people will become doctors and nurses? You can see by the results in Canada. They have much longer wait times, because there aren’t enough providers. They also don’t have enough MRI machines, so you wait much longer for a MRI.

I guess you don’t realize that some people pay far less today than they would with universal care. My premium and out-of-pocket max combined are far less than the extra taxes I’d pay under universal healthcare. Plus, I’d get worse care with universal care. The only people that’d benefit from universal care are the poor, and they already get Medicaid for free.

I honestly only care about data and that doctor admits she doesn’t know the data. Then she starts talking about her option which I honestly don’t care about.


Oh, so, have you directed your complaint to the liar in chief who said the would fight for the veterans to have a better care? I bet you have, right? He said he would change things day one. Wait! I forgot, you are not a republican, why bother asking you to send a complaint to the GOP. My bad…:rofl:

You are alone on this bs. Nobody cares about your individual “I don’t care” tour. You may be protected by now in your job, wait until twhitler finishes off Obamacare, which you didn’t respond to his sabotage, did you?
You ask about “data” instead of people’s feelings. The people want a way to be able to live their lives without being horrified to the fact that they are going to lose their homes and businesses because a disease, and because the insurers will be suing them in court. It is a psychological effect that stops people from living their life on their plenitude.

You are just another Trumpeter dumfounded by the pharma and insurance business telling you of the need for them, to the fact that they are just earning $millions on just being the middle men, instead of that money going towards paying doctors. How many doctors a $80 million bonus a year can pay? That’s all.

America first said the liar in the white house. OK, I agree, let’s build hospitals everywhere, let’s close the 716 military bases all over the world, let’s spend that money on ourselves. Let’s stop wasting $millions on worthless bombs on Afghanistan just to kill a few bad guys. Let’s stop the golfing of that liar. It can pay the salary of 5 doctors a year, in one golfing event. How’s that for a topic? Ain’t can be discussed by you, right? Stop bending over!

I can go on, and on, and on. You will be stuck to the obsolete idea that it can’t be done. Well, shame on you if you are a smart person, other countries have achieved that goal, even the worthless Cuban regime that, instead of soldiers sends doctors, it sends its people to take care of some sick people around the world. Meanwhile, we do bomb the hell out of them.

We are winning big time!


I don’t care about your biased rhetoric.

Americans pay 17.5% of GDP in taxes. Countries that have what you want want pay 40%+. You go tell Americans their tax bill will increase by 2-3x to have “free” healthcare and see how many people vote for it.


There’s only 1M bankruptcies a year in the US. That means it’s less than 1% of households. Even if we go with the highest estimate for how many are medical, it’s 643,000/yr. So you’re all worked up over something impacting under 1% of people. You can bet those less than 1% are part of the 69% that have less than $1,000 saved. Those people are in such a precarious financial situation whatever bad thing happens first is going to cause them financial problems.