The New "We Don't Care" Health Insurance Program



I am pro universal healthcare. As in my former country, a third world country. Oh boy, do I need to explain the meaning of third world country where corruption and whatnot takes most of the $ into their pockets instead of giving it to the public? But still have universal health care?

You pretend to evade the topic. That kid in England, as well as Terri Schiavo are product of the same thing. Except you defend the UK and screwed the US case. You blew it the moment you said something about Terri’s parents having more jurisdiction over the interests of the husband. And the government, the same idiots not wanting abortions, but letting people die in agony when hungry or as in this case by being brain dead, were the same idiots forcing the state, through a “special legislation” to violate the rights not only of Terry but of Michael the husband. And the mother f…ers say they love the constitution. Duh!

Do you know that most countries with universal healthcare own their public hospitals and they pay the salary of the personnel? At least where I came from they do. They control them, they supply them, they pay the doctors, blah, blah, blah. By the way, most doctors prefer to do their internship at public hospitals. Some get hired if they allow the government to pay for their education. The doctors then return the favor by working there for a few years gathering more knowledge with less salary. Then they have the chance to stay with a good salary or go private.
I am not going to deny it, there’s corruption like reported on your link, hell, that’s common in every country. But the health of an individual is not based on how much he pays or earns, and what the middlemen take into their pockets for his/her right to be cured. You work, you pay taxes, and perhaps a special amount is deducted to pay for the care of everybody. Nobody complains, they know, given the chance, they will just show up to the hospitals, and no bullshit about being or not insured becomes an issue.

How much was spent on Iraq? $3 Trillion? Afghanistan? Syria? Almost $100 million were spent on the warned in advance bombing of an empty airfield in Syria. Thousands upon thousand of bombs worth what, $10K were dropped on civilians and whatnot in Syria. How many hospitals, doctors, medicine, and so on would be or could be provided for the common Americans with that expense?

Why in hell we have so many social administration building everywhere? Swap them for hospitals, there! celebrate, you have your socialism…Buahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


You think I defended what happened in the UK case? Your reading comprehension is too low to continue.


LOL…prove it.


When is this poor example of a president going to stop being a child man?:triumph:

The one thing Trump seems to hate the most is that he cannot compare, in the American voters eyes, to President Obama.

The new president has been known to whine that the media was much kinder to his predecessor without understanding that this is because there were no major scandals during Obama’s administration, no matter how hard the Republicans and GOP voters tried to invent one.

It is Obama’s signature achievement, however, that sticks in Trump’s craw the most. Trump promised on the campaign trail to repeal Obama’s healthcare bill “on day one” with little idea of how the government works and how important this particular area is to the American people.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been the GOP’s favorite whipping boy for eight years despite its many positive aspects and outcomes.

A preexisting condition can no longer keep a person from being denied insurance and treatment.

Lifetime caps are a thing of the past, so disabled and special needs children no longer use all the medical insurance available to them at a very young age. Children can remain on their parents’ insurance through college and while building a life of their own.


Woo hoo, there might be Medicare for you younger cats!!! Just a projection of course at this time…


Yeah, they moved it by 1 year…


It could be worse…


Thanks God the golfing president is thinking about what is going on and paying his comrades in congress a visit, giving them some ideas on how to deliver the almost free for all, all people included…oh, wait! His crappy Trumpcare will increase premiums for older folks!

Never mind! He is golfing again! For that, we have money to burn.

But Obama! :star_struck:


By 2033 give or take a few years, the big 3 entitlements of social security, medicare, and medicaid will consume every dollar of tax revenue. It only gets worse from there as those 3 programs become greater than total tax revenue collected for decades.

Then there’s the local and state pension funding obligations which are woefully underfunded.

I don’t think people realize the state of government finances and how unsustainable they are.


Uh, that is for you young’ens to worry about… by that time me old and God willing still blogging away here…from South Lake Tahoe (right @Elt1???) or Chinatown…


Time to build hospitals everywhere, raise taxes on everybody, no tax cuts for nobody, and get the insurance middlemen out of healthcare, like they do in other countries. Wanna save money? Do it now!


What’s wrong with this animal Trumpcare? It dies, and then revives, or is it that it revives after it’s killed 3 times?

The American people are waiting for the below. I guess they ain’t getting it, right?
Buahhhhhhhhhhhhh buahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh buahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh but Republicans crying for 7 years with no plan at hand…oh boy! Stop that sniveling!


Maybe they should get an intelligent communicator in the white house that knows how to talk in English?

7. Trump never had any real idea about the policy
On Monday afternoon at an event touting “Made in America” week, President Donald Trump said this about the health care legislation: "We’re getting it together and it’s going to happen. Right, Mike (Pence)? I think."
The truth is he had no ideaof the vote count or the policy debate. The idea that Trump was going to get on the phone with, say, a noted policy maven like Ohio’s Rob Portman and offer a convincing case for why Portman needed to be for the bill was laughable. Trump didn’t know or seem to care about the particulars. He just wanted to sign something and declare victory.
Trump’s lack of knowledge was brutally exposed when, even as he was dining with seven senators last night, Moran and Lee stabbed the bill in the heart.:hugs:





I sometimes would like to give this dumb president a chance, but every time he destroys my efforts.

The poor soul doesn’t know what is life insurance and healthcare insurance. Geesus!


Why republicans are all talk, but no show. Blah, blah, blah, but no ideas, no plans.

From Forbes? No kidding!



McConell the turtle was invited to attend this health fair, he declined. Republicans are certainly so worried about the health of their own voters. Right!


Oh boy! I see Twhitler volunteered to help this girl too, and Marcus the apologizer in turn is involved in the process big time, right? :triumph:

Julia Vitarello is racing against the clock to save her child’s life.

Her daughter Mila’s symptoms began slowly: Though she was already used to hiking with her parents, Mila’s foot started turning inward when she was 3 years old, and she became more awkward. Doctors told her parents that could be normal. Then, she began repeating herself, or she wasn’t able to finish her sentences. “She’ll grow out of it,” they told Vitarello and her husband, Alek Makovec, an aerospace engineer.

Though Vitarello was worried about the changes in her daughter, “She was still functioning,” Mila’s mom said. “My friends told me, ‘You’re crazy! She’s fine!’”

But when Mila started leaning far down over her books or pulling them much closer to her face to read them, Vitarello began taking Mila from one doctor to the next. They tested Mila for autism, but that was not her problem. “I thought, ‘They’re just not getting it,’” Vitarello said. “All these people were telling us different things.”

By the time she was 5, Mila’s parents knew something was really wrong. She started doing a frantic, involuntary stepping movement with her feet until she would fall over, and her eyesight was blurry and she was checked for hallucinations or seizures. “No matter where I went, people had never seen her symptoms before. They couldn’t figure out what it was,” said Vitarello.

Up late one night searching the internet, Vitarello realized that Mila’s symptoms matched Batten disease — a rare, deadly disorder. She tried to get her an appointment with a neurologist at a local children’s hospital the next day, but the doctor was booked for months. Vitarello told her husband they were going to have to take Mila to the emergency room. “We knew they were never going to let her leave the hospital with her symptoms,” Vitarello said.


FAKE NEWS!:rofl:


Wow. You have no morals at all. The poor girl has a disease with no cure, and you’re using that in an attempt to further your warped political opinion. It has zero to do with if there’s healthcare coverage or not.