The Next Silicon Valley is China




Off topic, considering suing Google over Google Map.


IS it like US, though, where in most states, there are dense areas and within 30mins, suburbs start.


Too small to show :rofl:


China is dense everywhere except Tibet, Gobi Desert, and Xinjiang aka Chinese Turkistan.



Heilongjiang has a lot of people? So damn cold.


There are lots of low density burbs outside of mega cities. C’mon!


Heilongjiang population: 38 million, 220/sq mi
California population: 39 million, 240/sq mi

Almost the same!


The App Store has a new world champion (with an unexpected backstory).

Tik Tok, a karaoke-esque 15 second video-sharing app, was downloaded over 45,000,000 times in the first three months of 2018. That’s more downloads than Snapchat, Spotify, and Gmail…combined. :open_mouth:


Seems retarded…another useless app.


Bytedance, the parent company of that app, is incredibly creative. It managed to break thru the hegemony of wechat and made not one, not two but three incredibly sticky social networks from scratch. It’s the T in the new Chinese unicorn trilogy TMD.




M: Meituan
D: Didi


:scream: Chinese people are so vulgar :rofl:



First AI textbook for high school students released

China’s first textbook for high school students on artificial intelligence was released on Saturday following government requirements for primary and secondary schools to set up AI and coding related courses.

Forty high schools around the country have been designated as experimental bases for building up laboratories and exploring AI education.

The book, “Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence,” includes nine chapters, beginning with the development history of AI and its applications, such as public security monitoring systems and driverless cars.


Gotta start at early age.


SINGAPORE has plenty of those systems and nobody really care.


That’s why you gotta start early, so you can become more utopic by the day.


As we wait for election result to see if we need to sell our RE, here’s something else to keep us entertained.

“In our firm, a helper handing food to you in the canteen may as well be a billionaire” in yuan terms, Wang said. “We did one thing well – building a team and keeping them growing.”