The Next Silicon Valley is China




SA was founded in 2006 by MIT graduate Brandon Wade, who said, “Love is a concept invented by poor people.” The service provides pay-to-play relationships usually between older, wealthier men, and young women. It claims to have more than 10 million active users worldwide, with a sugar-daddy-to-baby ratio of 1:4.

That’s deep… :thinking:


shit yo.


That kind of deep thought is the hallmark of @hanera. :thinking:


what about from the govt? :slight_smile:


As long as you stay clear of politics you’ll be fine. The rules are pretty well known to people. In return kids don’t get gunned down by random strangers with machine guns.


So wrong. These people are brainwashed by materialism. Absolutely disgusting. :scream:


C’mon @manch … really? 99.9% people convicted were doing politics?


Love is invented by women.


No. :laughing:


Invented and imagined. :smile:


1.16m people out of nearly 1.4B went to trial every year, according to the article. That’s 0.08%. Let’s be pessimistic and say 50% of them are wrongful convictions, that’s 0.04% chance every year.

What’s the gun murder rate in US?



You can cut that in half if you’re aren’t a black male under 25.


What I want to point out is that, trading personal safety for less political freedom is a valid tradeoff. A person may not make that tradeoff, especially if they are raised in the West. But if you think about it there’s nothing brainwashy about it.

Outside of US, people find Americans’ relaxed attitude about gun violence in classrooms extremely weird.


Give me liberty or give me death!!! I’d rather be gunned down by a terrorist than living in a suppressive authoritarian regime. :rage:


Good for the Chinese citizens, if they love what they’re getting.

I’m out of this thread.


lol. basically no politics, you are fine. thanks, but no thanks.


Don’t care about their politics but living in China means living in big crowded cities. Not for me. There or anywhere.


Same here.


Many regions of China are sparsely populated.