The Next Silicon Valley is China


A Chinese guy?



Yes, chinese guy.


So he’s not a billionaire, but probably hundreds of millions millionaire. Still great.


He will be after IPO.


you think it’ll 5x?


3x in 12mo. 5x in 24mo.

I actually don’t know his stake. How much does he own?


at most 20%. likely <10.


Ok it says: they are planning to raise 1B through an ipo. At what market cap?
It raised more than $1 billion, at a valuation of about $15 billion, people familiar said at the time.

Looks like he’s already probably worth couple billion.

Another news sourcE:
Chinese ecommerce group listing could value Colin Huang’s stake at $10bn


PDD is targeting a value of about $19.4bn in the IPO — the first by a Chinese tech group since smartphone maker Xiaomi’s listing last week.

Colin Huang holds a 50.7 per cent stake in the business and has pledged to place 2.3 per cent of total outstanding shares in a private charitable foundation.



Maybe he’s going to start another PDD


he said he’ll join a company, so odn’t think so. but he does have potential :slight_smile:


Hope he joined PDD


lol, no, he is planning to leave in 6 months :slight_smile:


A bit confusing, how different are Taobao, JD, Meituan and PDD?

E-commerce and video streaming are huge in China.


A bump in the road???


walk in the park, duh!



Chinese people going to work the next day after the mega hurricane hit. Just have to work.


Give them chain saws