The Next Silicon Valley is China


Poor o worker bees… do they work for Tencent? Let me double down on that investment… :rofl:


Podcasts with subscription fees, interactive Q&A’s online with experts or celebrities and live-streaming lecture-sessions where the audience can participate and pay as they wish are what people in China refer to as the “pay-for-knowledge” economy.

It was estimated to be worth $7.3 billion last year, with the bulk of the revenues from paid podcasts, according to a research institute run by China’s State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television. The figure is focused only on consumers paying directly for content online and does not include ad-driven podcasts.

By comparison, the U.S. podcast industry mainly makes money through advertising. It reported ad revenues amounting to $314 million last year, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau.




Recall I told you to start a business similar to what TCEHY and BABA are doing now. Move faster next time. Now, have to think out new ideas :frowning:

TCEHY and BABA business experience in China is more suited to port to ASEAN than to developed nations.
No computers, use mostly iPhones :slight_smile:


The west is at war with China now. 10c and baba won’t get any traction here. You can start companies here by copying them.



“War” is such a strong word… :rofl:



I should not have said “West”. It’s only the US.

Chinese source:


Still too strong even if only applied to the US.


Just read a very interesting (long) article by 3 Princeton profs on how the current US-China Rivalry is like UK-Imperial Germany Rivalry of late 19th century. Xi plays the part of Bismarck here. Germany was even building a rail link from Germany to the Persian Gulf, just like China is building its belt and road.

Beijing’s Bismarckian Ghosts: How Great Powers Compete Economically:



The Battery Boom Has Created a New Lithium Superpower in China



China Is the World’s Retail Laboratory

Companies are testing a range of concepts, from facial-recognition payment systems to fully automated convenience stores.


Absolutely. Never stop investing into Chinese stocks…


How come Facebook doesn’t have an answer? WTF? Zuck is losing it. :rage:


Fb the app has already saturated the market…


Are you selling all you fb now?


Looks like Zuck still got it.