The Next Silicon Valley is China

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Great article from the Economist:

A level-headed look at the progress China has made and the challenges ahead. Most of the research dollars are spent on more practical types with end-applications in mind. So probably no Nobels for many years to come. There is even the question whether you can do first rate science in an authoritarian state.

Others might argue that big breakthroughs are not the only measure of good science. Incremental work that solves practical problems is not to be sniffed at. Scientific research directed from the top down can serve national goals, and a one-party system may give particularly consistent support to such programmes. China’s lunar programme has built up its capabilities steadily in a way no Western space-science programme has since Apollo, the achievements of which it may yet match.

This is the sort of methodical science that typically appeals to engineers oriented towards results—and from Jiang Zemin onwards all China’s presidents, as well as almost all its other leading politicians, have had engineering degrees. Xi Jinping, today’s president, studied chemical engineering at Tsinghua.

But the idea that you can get either truly reliable science or truly great science in a political system that depends on a culture of unappealable authority is, as yet, unproven. Perhaps you can. Perhaps you cannot. And perhaps, in trying to do so, you will discover new ways of thinking as well as fruitful knowledge.

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China keeps breaking the long held unassailable universal truths/ beliefs of Americans, no wonder Americans dislike China so much.

China’s model is certainly novel. That’s why we see so many “China is doomed” articles in western media. Few have gone thru the trouble of suspending their long held biases to look at the facts objectively.

I actually hope Africa can learn more from china’s examples. Whatever they did over the last 100+ years clearly doesn’t work. Why not try something new?

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People get very worked up when their biases are proven wrong :wink: The more sucessful China is, the angier USA get.

China and US can prosper together. They did exactly that over the last 40 years.


Why do these ride hailing apps need so many employees? It’s a massive fixed cost. That’s terrible on a business that can’t even cover the variable cost.

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No sleep, no sex, no life: tech workers in China’s Silicon Valley face burnout before they reach 30

  • ByteDance has introduced a ‘big/small week’ policy, where most of its 6,000 employees have to work Sundays every two weeks
  • The average tenure in Silicon Valley is 3.65 years, whereas in Chinese tech firms the figure is less than 2.6 years

But then they can retire and enjoy life after 30 possibly.