The Next Silicon Valley is China


Inner Mongolia got there by exploiting natural resources (rare-earth mineral mining).


Btw, China can be the next Silicon Valley, it doesn’t matter since Hills will be better than Valley. You guess it, Silicon Hills is the next big thing :slight_smile:


Here. Fixed it for you.


Ah, now it’s all clear how you come up with your ridiculous interpretations of info. It’s not even worth pointing out the deficiencies or asking you questions that you’ll avoid. At this point, it’s just something comical and worth a good laugh.


Translation: I am going to make some blanket statements and spout some bullshit that applies a bigoted and un-representative view to an entire segment. And when called out on said statement, I will claim it’s not worth pointing out the deficiencies on said response to my original lacking statement


No. We’ve been through this.

  1. I ask 3 specific questions
  2. You reply ignoring all 3
  3. I point out you ignored them
  4. You claim you answered them
  5. I point out your reply didn’t answer any of them

Even your wall piece that was supposed to prove me wrong showed the estimate I provided was close.


Fixed it for you again


Are you taking over for @buyinghouse as Marcus’ chief antagonist?


Lol. It was just too easy to troll :smiley: plus I am not a big fan of bullshit


The fact allergy continues. Yawn.


The first step is recognizing you have a problem. So well done understanding you have an allergy to facts.


According to the country’s own 2015 microcensus, only 30 percent of the labor force has finished high school. That puts China behind all other middle-income countries, including Mexico, South Africa, Thailand and Turkey. While that has not deterred the country from becoming a manufacturing powerhouse, it will no doubt hinder its evolution into a more advanced, knowledge-based economy.

So damn low.


Seriously. People here mock red states. They are Ivy League compared to that. New Mexico is the lowest at 68%. Nebraska is actually #1 at 94%. California’s 77% is below the national average of 84%.


High school enrollment rate is rapidly improving. By 2014 it’s already over 85%.

From china’s ministry of education. Look at 2nd column from the right.


I see you guys have poor kid Marcus against the ropes. Have you notice the guy can’t smile? :laughing::laughing::laughing:
Because he is a bot! :laughing:

Don’t ask Marcus about facts. He always lectures others on graphics, little things and dots that spin the topic over technical stuff he may be good at research. But no matter what, he is as Russian as the bots dumbing down Americans during the last elections. None the less he sucks at Spread Sheets. :laughing:

Do you want to catch Marcus in a real fact, ask him: Who is going to pay for the wall? Mexico or the US? From there, you will see the slithering, like a snake about how the tariffs, and blah, blah, blah. The poor snake, I mean, guy, can’t accept his guy is as rotten as his buggers in his nose. :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

Now, we all know about the dumb tariff talks, don’t we?



Can China spend huge money nurturing PhDs in quantum computing? If 1 SWE salary is not enough, pay 2 or 3 SWE salary for PhD students in quantum computing.



This Quora piece tells a pretty interesting history of China’s high speed train.

My younger brother majored in electrical engineering from one of the top universities in Beijing. He was just recruited as a graduate engineer in CRRC in Qingdao, which is the organization that designs and manufactures most of the bullet trains in China.

And guess how many interview candidates were attending CRRC interviews in 2018 from his university? 200 candidates ! And they are all having a master degree! And CRRC is only selecting 10 people from them. Then you can imagine the extremely competitive interviews he went through. This is obviously more competitive than Google interviews. After hearing from him, I’ve sent him a big congratulation to this achievement.