The Next Silicon Valley is China


ASU ain’t Stanford or Cal…A party school known for pretty girls with communication majors and football. …Tech?


Just read this article (thanks!). It’s true that China has an advantage over US for developing ML tech. Some caveats though:

  • The “data” part is definitely more abundant in China, but often that data can’t be applied to other markets. The user behavior in country X and that of country Y are so vastly different that no company uses the same model across the globe. Even with AutoML scenario, I suspect you’d need the data from different market to validate if the model works well in different market. So yes, Baidu would be better at ad targeting in China than FANG even today, but the reverse is not true.


  • Lax privacy laws is scary. Until US laxes the law (Trump administration would help in that regard), China would be making all kinds of advances. I wouldn’t be surprised if things like this is possible already in China: take screenshots of users’ phones continuously, and upload the data together with all other signals. With such data, any idiot would be able to perfectly predict what you’re going to do next. Same goes for all driving data. Yikes.



“Drastic production cost reduction” noted…


It will be for models sold in China. They won’t have to build in the US then pay China import tariffs. I doubt they’ll sell cars built in China in the US.


I’ve stated several times, and I have directed my observation to one person in particular that disregarding s/he is Asian/ Indian, keeps berating Latinos. I’ve said it that many times that you Asians are and should be happy to have a liberal state as a home. You go to the neck of the woods, you won’t last that long if you start to “multiply=overpower” rednecks in wealth and or any trade.

The stupidity of most or some of them in those white-racist-ignorant states is that they hate California, and the actual present toddler in the white house too. And in their stupidity, they have voted conservative for most of their lives but they will never, ever catch up with CA.

We can argue democrats and republicans this and that, but eventually you have to clear your mind and see that you rather be in a liberal state than any conservative gun nut racist and ignorant state. See how they are doing, then you can compare them against CA.

Funny part is to read those who protest are what? Liberals! :sweat_smile:


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Too many men in China is a well documented hangover from the one-child policy. Chinese men are desperate, other than what manch linked, they go to dating sites, buy adult helpers, etc.


China will be world leader in porntech. Invest away!



Hold on, Beijing…


Mind as well be if this is the case…


Mr Ma’s idol, like many of China’s tech titans, is the late Steve Jobs.



That’s really negative for SV and the US.


Once people start doing it, and it ain’t too bad (but actually good), watch out…