The Next Silicon Valley is China


It has been happening for more than 10 years.
Is good because symbiotic.
Both is booming :slight_smile:


Yes, can always buy Chinese stock. Bidu is a prime example.


Maybe not for too long. China is reforming its finance sector and HK just put in rules for different classes of share rights. I suspect Beijing will put more pressure on companies to either list in mainland or HK, and not the evil USA. I am rapidly cranking up my exposure to the HK and mainland markets.


Then fine! I’m not missing out. There are 1 billion people in China but 5x the people outside China. The outside world is bigger and better! :rofl:



Well, well, well…that’s what I mean. We have, excuse my sincerity, bloggers coming from countries that export high techies to the US but they can’t seem to grasp the idea that they should be back home making it as good as they are making it here.

To be successful, you thrive anywhere. Right?

I would go back to where I came from but I just know that building bunches of rentals will suffice. Kind of getting ROI of 50%. :smiley:






It’s 1984 in China.


How’s that different from your credit score in America? Don’t be paranoid.


In a notable side-note to that battle, China now has the world’s highest-valued AI startup after SenseTime, a company founded in 2014, announced a $600 million Series C investment round. A source with knowledge of discussions told TechCrunch that the round values the company at over $4.5 billion, while it is also raising an extension to this round. That marks a hefty increase on the company’s most recent $1.5 billion valuation when it raised a $410 million Series B last year.

Perhaps the main difference between the state of AI development in the U.S. and China is that, in America, much of the technology is being developed in big tech firms like Amazon and Google. In China, however, companies like SenseTime and its rival Megvii (which develops the Face++ platform) are independent entities that operate with the financial backing of giants like Alibaba.


“1. Banning you from flying or getting the train.”
“2. Throttling your internet speeds.”
“3. Banning you (or your kids!) from the best schools.”

watch couple episodes of black mirror :slight_smile:


I sometimes think communism failed because its tech is not good enough. If we have advanced AI theoretically we should be able to match resources perfectly to demands.

Imagine a world where government AI assigns everyone a mate because they have the most compatible profiles.


sensetime seem to be doing surveillance tech for the government.


You watched too many sci-fi.

  1. Tourists need to be disciplined for behaving badly.
  2. Pay more to get better service.
  3. Same in America… poor people get lousy schools.


I don’t watch any sci-fi.

Firms are “command economy” with centralized resources allocation. You don’t have a market within company to see which product wins out. Big boss decides on one and put all wood behind that one arrow.

In a boarder economy of course market exists.

More advanced AI will aid firms’ decision making. So firms can be bigger. The asymptotic limit is the whole economy.


Yada yada. Enough geek talk. Go get some sleep and wake up early to watch the market :grin: