The story of 99 Ranch Market, largest Asian supermarket chain in US

Chow explains how the founder came up with the unusual name. “For [Roger] Chen, ‘99 Ranch Market’ embodied the meanings of good fortune and freshness,” he explains. “In Mandarin, ‘99’ is a homophone for ‘longevity and good fortune’.”

At the opening of a new 99 Ranch Market in Frisco, Texas.

Does 99 Ranch have a store in Austin?

Even though I like 99 Ranch Market over other Chinese grocery stores, I feel it has fallen behind HMart.

Today, 99 Ranch is more than just a grocery store. It has become a proud symbol of vibrant Asian-American communities. Foodies know that where there’s a 99 Ranch, there are bound to be excellent Asian restaurants. Property agents have started looking for new 99 Ranch openings, knowing that a new market is often the first hint of interest from the rapidly expanding Asian-American population and a sure sign that home prices are about to jump.


Great minds think alike.

You have short memory, I told you there is a 99 store and you liked that post.

That is what I had said too! Buy Austin!

Getting old. :older_man:

Rumor has it that Ranch 99’s founder is connected to the Chen Shui Bian family. They use the chain to bleach their money.

Do they own the shopping malls they are in?

Any houses between HMart and 99 Ranch are good investment :slight_smile: I owned 6 SFHs :slight_smile: in that map square. There is a huge Chinese community near 99 Ranch, took it so long to set up shop, may be is growing fast recently. As for HMart, likely targeting the growing Asian community in Cedar Park and those in Anderson Mill.

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