The Sunset Rocking The Overbids!

Well, it is winter after all and just think this is what Seattle is like…:slight_smile:

But…regardless, sales and overbids are sales and overbids. The crummy weather of outer Sunset DID NOT stop the overbidding!!!

I have friends that are Ocean Beach surfers…hardcore bunch

Idiots!!! Listed earlier today at 850K then decide to raise it just now to 950K. What, too low??? Leave it alone!!! Don’t worry, it would be overbid anyway… 850K would have drawn more interest (if that is even possible) than 950K…

Why no pictures? Too ugly inside? Or just the lure of 28 is enough?

Come on, if anyone says to you, hey there is a SFH in the Sunset for 850K, wouldn’t you just go there to check it out regardless of condition or that it is on 28th Ave, the most desired Sunset avenue for us superstitious types? Of course right? 950K and no pics, well, the wow factor is diminished some…Who is advising the buyer here??? Set it at 888,888!!! Then, WOW!!!

Another decent Sunset one, overbid nearly 200k… What price reductions in SF???

The only reason why this sold for a mere 885k is due to some protected/senior tenants in the inlaw. My friends learned that at the open house Maybe the new owner can try some of the tactics of that Bernal Heights owner who just got whacked for 400K? Not!!! Still, 150k over asking. Might have been a good one to buy and just wait out those tenants.

Geez, this was a decent steal at 922K no? RH2 zoning and corner home!!!

Ok, took a little while but the lucky 1.288M pricing gets the overbid of 1.425M. Not bad, for Central Sunset!

Small world…one of my friends won out on one of the Sunset homes I posted on here. Sunset homes are still moving…in order to win over a few offers, he went 250K over asking for a Marina style home that needed some work and had a tenant. All caaaaash…

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Yes, expansion potential but directly on the L streetcar line even and still overbid

Small, Sunset fixer. Sells for 1.16M, 285k over asking!!!

Another way, way outer Sunset 2/1 going for the minimum 1M. Interesting how the tunnel entrance was modified at least half-way or is that the original design? I would like to see how the stairway opposite that black front door winds up to the main home.

They slapped a door at the end of the tunnel staircase. So that means they sealed up the top too? If so why even put table and chair at the downstairs? It makes even LESS sense to sit there freezing your butt… Tunnel is the WORST design.

That’s what I am getting at. I wish there were pictures that showed the top of the staircase. Hey, it is possible no door at top since it is closed at the bottom pretty well. I don’t know, a little foyer if you will (even if subject to exterior weather and people seeing you) is kind of nice. You get inside and can take your shoes off. My wife is hearing that people are being robbed via garage doors as they are being closed so that safety spot inside a gate may actually be handy. And no, the Sunset is not crime ridden…

Wow! Not the selling price really (slightly over asking, settling at 1.245M), but what the entire SFH is renting for. Granted upstairs somehow is on steroids for Sunset (5 bedrooms on the main floor?) with a 3 bd inlaw below. Total, $7200 in rent! Supposedly one lease for entire house. Now that is what I call positive cash flow!!!

Ok, magic 1.288M pricing results in an overbid of course at 1.425M final.

Are sunset buyers still predominantly Asian? In Richmond, I see quite a few bars and restaurants full of non-Asians. Is Richmond and even Sunset turning to less Asian?

On the contrary…I am petitioning Sunset be called Chinatown, Too :joy:

I would cross-reference with the school’s ratios - which for Richmond/Sunset are predominately Asian. It will be awhile before these families move.