The Sunset Rocking The Overbids!



There is NO discount for tunnel entrances!!! Do not drink our Fearless Leader’s Kool-Aid on that! We have shown time after time that actual, true sales of tunnel entranced homes have garnered good if not great prices regardless of this supposed wart. It is not a wart, it is a character mark. Must I post the pic of tract homes out in the burbs again??? Nothing wrong with a lil style and uniqueness!!!

(No, I do not have a tunnel entranced home…)


Does that mean @manch’s home in Bayview doesn’t have a tunnel entrance either? :slight_smile:


Turn them into grow rooms…Add some tropicals plants…Create liitle Jean Quan oasises…lol


Oh, you had to pull out the Jean Quan card…wow, and I thought we were buds (oh, no pun intended)…:grinning:


If everyone starts doing this in the Sunset then I’m going to convert my entire residence into a tropical plant greenhouse! More profitable than being a landlord!


Every ski resort has a Jerry Garcia pot cave…Now every tunnel house can have a Jean Quan memorial room…:smile:


Whoever came up with the notion of ranked voting ought to be shot at dawn…


Ranked as in rank…Maybe they will rethink it…I think we should have Quadratic voting.

My friends son invented it…


God, must we fire up that electoral college thread again???


Geez, def not deploying the low pricing strategy on this one…


Yes, they are trying to sell at asking hoping for more, but could end up with less…


But it needs work!!! This one could sit a spell, like that one I told you tried to increase the pricing to 1.69M…not moving


Um… don’t know about that. I think they are gambling on a hot market taking care of them. We’ll see how it goes :slight_smile:


Yes, big but if this goes for 1.7M I am jumping for joy!!!


Why? It’s not your house. Just because your neighbor sells for a fortune doesn’t mean you will…


Noooo, but everything is relative and my house is def better than this!!! Haven’t you noticed that the extra nice ones are the ones that everyone and their mother are pushing in all of the chips on??? Seriously. The mere fact that this is closing to a month now without selling says volumes…


I think this one might end up selling for $1.6M…


We’ll see right? All I know is, it was stupid to raise the list price from 1.49M. That, to me was already too high and you raise it? Geez, sounds like an Outer Mission house that I blasted for the longest time (which by the way is still pending…)


They are raising the price to indicate that’s the price they would like to sell it at. They are sick of people trying to make offers at or below the listing price.


Fine, hope you love your house because you’re keeping it…

Proper price listing is very key, yet some owners don’t get it. I am sure their agent is saying no, no, no but what can they do, they want the listing right? You don’t see Jason having any issues with homes dying on the vine like this one. It’s a game. Play it right, you win. Play it wrong…