The Sunset Rocking The Overbids!



No idea!

The basic theme here is that almost everything that hangs out on the market for more than two weeks in the Sunset has something strange going on.


Exactly my thoughts, and on pretty much any area around here really. Potential buyers are locked in and loaded (as our Prez would say…). We are in the age of perfect information, gang. Nothing gets past the market, nothing!!!


The kitchen remodel seemed kind of cheap. They definitely cut some corners with this one.


Hey, maybe you can buy that alleyway like that SJ couple??? Uh, not the same, dragonboy…def not the same…

You are right on with the kitchen. Come on, a countertop microwave thrown in? Awesome, I give you 1.53M!!! Cash!!!


Who cares about the kitchen?..nobody has time to change a light bulbs or cooking…Just put in four miccowaves, one for each family member and use paper plates…


Great way to design a kitchen! I’ll take that into account with my next flip… :rofl:


Kitchens are all about fashion…My parents old house still has the original 96 year old kitchen and baths…Now kitchens are changed out after 10-20 years…What a waste of money and resources …


Really… like the ones I saw in the Winchester Mystery House??? :rofl:


Very cool kitchen still functional with newer appliances…basically a kicthen is a sink with cabinets and counter tops…Nothing has really changed in 100 years but the appliances…Works for me…People give away their white goods when remodeling. .just bought a perfectly good gas range for $20…I just throw the old ones away for my apartments, no point in repairs. .

My parents old sink and tile counter tops are still good…

I do have tenants complain about my 50 year old kitchen in my vacation rental…unfortunately the builder used bathroom tile and some have cracked…Going to replace with black granite tile. And glass tile back splashes…I painted the old oak cabinets off white…they look very up to date…Appliances are black perfectly functional…


Description says needs some TLC


Come on @newaccount, that is from my boy, Jason ‚ÄúThe Machine‚ÄĚ Chan‚Ķ Only he can sell a TLC Sunset home for 1.4M!!!

Our Fearless Leader will laugh at the reference about the ‚Äúrare‚ÄĚ tunnel entrance‚Ķ


Strategy they use when there are no offers, raising the price tells them what their " ballpark" figure is to ratify


Does that actually work?


It worked for that that. Lol


Here is a nice center patio one that is remodeled quite nicely. Nice staging! A nice 355k over asking!!!


This is a nice one, but I couldn’t find the square footage


Ok, the data may be pre-remodel but Trulia and other spots seem to hint at 1,400 sq ft. I suspect that is old data since referencing also 1 bathroom.



This one sold really low imo for the materials they used. High end stuff through. Their profit I guess under 150k


The price was capped for being located in Central Parkside. Could get maybe 50k more if in central sunset and 150k more if in inner parkside.