The Sunset Rocking The Overbids!



Ok, so why the crazy buy, @wuqijun and @Esfgiants at 1.2M??? This needs plenty of work still.


Because that’s the price now even for a fixer. Mininum 1.2M. A nicely fixed up property can go for 1.4-1.5M.


More than 1.4-1.5 for central sunset. Don’t know why they bought it. Street is not flat too. Flip option is not a good one as profit is thin


The only flipppers that will money are the fastest and the cheapest…Flip buyers beware…


Um… you might be getting a little ahead of yourself here but why not… let the good times roll… :joy:


Another sold for 1.4M in the Central Sunset…



This was a really nice home. Sold a bit under I thought


Agreed! What was the problem? Just a tad too old in style for some tastes or is it my Inner Sunset theory in play? Come on, Central Sunset or even Outer Sunset homes not necessarily all dolled up can get this price no?


It’s not a fixer but also not fixed up. So only sells at mediocre level…


Yes, but it is Inner Sunset and so pricing is a tad low for your hood, no?


Yes, also it looks like a dwarf from the front, because of the slope. Might turn some people off.


Nice home, pretty good price only 777/sqft


Oh, you beat me to this one. I think I was tracking this one too since it is a corner one and you know how I have a thing for corner houses.


Haha, why do you think this went for a lower price per sqft?


Well, the house is fairly large so I am not sure the metric $/sq ft sold is a major tell of anything. I mean, someone was willing to pay 1.7M, which is a healthy sum for Sunset still for the most part (and corner or not).


Bigger homes are usually pricier than smaller ones, but in terms of price per sq ft they are less.

The smaller the home, the more you have to pay in terms of price per sqft.


Ok, big one out there by the sand…1.53M

What was the point of raising the price?


I think I have seen everything in the outer sunset :slight_smile:

This place was really weird. It was fully remodeled, but cut up into a ton of small rooms. Almost like it was designed to be rented out to 12 different people. Definitely not suitable for a family in its current form without knocking down a bunch of walls. Listed at 5/5 but I counted at least eight distinct rooms that looked intended to be bedrooms.


Wait, so all that was fully permitted work? Hard to believe.