The Sunset Rocking The Overbids!



Eww… tunnel entry… :face_vomiting:


Isn’t that close to or essentially Westwood Highlands???


It’s right next to Monterey Heights, in the description (and google maps) they call it Balboa Terrace


Geez, there are soooo many Sunset homes coming onto the market as we speak… Are people sensing the top is near??? Maybe…


We just bought, so of course the top is near :worried:


Top is near doesn’t mean it’s going to drop. It might be a plateau…


Agree. After peaking doesn’t mean a sharp decline would follow. Actually, 50% of the time it would decline sharply, 50% of the time it would drift within a certain range before another rally.


$1026/sqft, 43rd ave


Wow. 560K for a 1/1 TIC on Freeway 19th Ave…

Not sure that I completely agree with the “in the Inner Sunset” description…

Lovely address too…


It’s a sales tactic most used (including myself :rofl:). You have a house that borders a more upscale neighborhood, usually just across the street. Then you are selling it as if it is actually in that neighborhood itself.


I get that, but my concern would be what other exaggerations/secrets may the LA be hiding. Hey, if you are willing to use a dab of lipstick on the pig, who is to say you ain’t using some foundation, eye shadow, fake boobs, etc. too???


Boom, the nice 1.8M is hit on this beauty!!! 400k over asking!!!


Everybody puts lipsticks on when selling anything… that’s what home inspections are for… :laughing:


There are ways to say things and then there are ways to say things. To say being right on 19th Avenue, a freeway practically, is in the Inner Sunset is well, lying!!! Inner Sunset is like 9th Ave and Kirkham. Anybody drinking the Kool-Aid from this LA is probably wearing a body bag at this point…:slight_smile:


Very neat house!!! That tiny little stove downstairs might be unwarranted though…


Like you said, everyone does it now…


Central Sunset rocks!!! Now, over 1K/sq ft!!! Come on, 427K over asking!!! Obviously, buyer prefers Economics over Algebra!!!


Just another Sunset home selling for over 400K over asking… Nope, missing Algebra not hurting the Sunset market yet… but I am sure it will come soon, err, one day…cuz we all know Algebra is the key to life and real estate markets apparently. Yellon is so intrigued by Algebra that she is developing Fed Reserve Algebra Index.


Wow, Central Sunset beauty goes for 1.83M!!! 431K over asking!!!


Wow, Inner Sunset says I can beat that, with this!!! Oooh, @wuqijun, just under the 2M mark…