The Sunset Rocking The Overbids!



This one is a nice one. A lot of good details


Timing is everything…

Seller 1: Bought it in 2002 for 800k, sold in 2009 for 950k… :sob:
Seller 2: Bought it in 2009 fo 950k, sold in 2017 for 1.95M… :rofl:

Seller 2 did minimal remodeling… no more than 30k of work.


In life, everything is about right time right place.


The entry, living, and dining room have great details. Then you walk into the kitchen and fall flat on your face. It’s kind of a mish mash. Looks like there were three major renovation periods.


Kitchens are never the selling point for a period wonder like this. It’s about the craftsmanship of a bygone era… sometimes people dig that more than flashy kitchen and bath designs.


Oh boy, look at this beauty. If you want detail, this one is probably over the top!!! Yes, small with 2 bedrooms but I think this might charm buyers to go way over asking again. Shoot, wifey would kill for that wide Wolf stove!!!


I love that rotary phone hanging on the wall there. Does it still work??? :heart_eyes:


Hey, with the way Apple is rolling out the phones a rotary sounds good about now. Let’s bring back the ladies who plug the connection lines…


Add some spider web and it will look exactly like a haunted house…


Wow, will this one hit the magic number (2M)??? I don’t care for the remodel but again beauty is in the eye of the beholder…


Only thing stopping it is that it is in outer sunset…


Wow, massive sized home for all your rug rats… Will this hit the magic 2M bar???


Where have you been all day??? :laughing:


Needed some rest from the rat race…


Dang, that was fast…Contingent!!!


Wow, 2.465M!!! Listed for 2.295M originally. Apparently another multiple offers situation that was won with a letter to the seller…


How about 2.65M???


Yes, in my case study thread already…please keep up…:wink:


Well, if you keep all the sunset homes to one post, then there wouldn’t be such misunderstanding… :roll_eyes:


One is more for reporting after the fact (overbids) and the other was meant to highlight what I thought was an usually priced one (pre sale) but I should conclude the story in that thread.

And no, I am not co-hosting the holiday party!!! I am out!!!