The Sunset Rocking The Overbids!



To be mentioned alongside Ingleside and Silver Terrace is nothing to be proud of…


To be in the top 10 for searches is encouraging. Could be an awesome Spring selling season!!!


How about this Inner Sunset duplex going for 2.23M, nearly 688K over asking???


Wow, so much over asking with no staging and still tenant occupied. Very bubblelicious. :scream:


I looked at this listing last month. The rent is actually not bad ($3K for one tenant occupied unit) and the others I believe are owner occupied (another unit identical to the tenant occupied one and one in-law). The buyer must be a non-Chinese person since the property is practically facing UCSF.


Wow, all that savings from Apple Iphone to Samsung made you want to buy a duplex, eh??? :slight_smile:


I’ve always wanted to buy a duplex, even before I bought my first home. Back then the bank gave me false info that I could not use the income generated from tenant occupied unit to qualify for the mortgage unless I have at least two years of landlord experience documented on the tax return.


I’m impressed. Is that a product of your upbringing (meaning, you grew up in a family that owned a multi unit building perhaps like I did) or simply that you saw the benefits of spreading the costs of ownership to others with a multi unit building?


I grew up in a blue collar household; my family did not own anything. Spreading the costs of ownership seemed like a no brainer to me. When I was contemplating about moving to Seattle six years ago I was actually looking at this four-plex in Seattle (if I remember correctly the listing price was less than $800K). Anyhow didn’t end up moving because my dad did not want to retire yet and he didn’t want to look for another job again. I will probably revisit this idea soon when he retires.


Damn, I could find you a bunch of husband worthy material candidates (not that you can’t find one on your own) with one or two phone calls…SV types (Asian or not) probably in your age bracket that my Big Bro work with.


Appreciate the thought @sfdragonboy , but it’s not really on my radar at the moment. Honestly I feel like there are too many selfish and inconsiderate men out there. If my life is going swimmingly why throw in another curveball? My parents are approaching retirement age so I’d much rather spend more time with them. That’s another reason why I am not opposed to moving out of the bay area in the next few years (even possibly moving back to motherland) if it means they will be happier. I plan to convert my current home into a rental down the road anyway.


Fair enough, but since you threw this tidbit in there, why not make your parents happy by finding a great guy to produce them grandchildren??? Certainly, your folks have dropped a hint or two I imagine???


Um… but you didn’t produce any grandchildren for your parents though… ???


Again, we met and married when we were pretty much at the edge of when it is safe(?). @harriet is fairly young so that is not an issue…


Great guys are hard to come by. It’s probably easier to buy properties than to spend time on this. I’d rather devote my energy on my parents whose love for me is permanent than trying to find some guy who might not be around forever and/or doesn’t treat me right.


Come on, if your parents are remotely traditional or just plain jane parents, they would love to see their offspring do the same and have some kids to keep the family lineage chugging along. Honestly, if given the choice of grandchildren or a 5/4 SFH in St Francis Wood, which would your parents prefer? No, the 5/4 does not have a pool or views. Of course, they would jump at Choice A - grandchildren!!!

When someone says something like that, so matter of fact (great guys are hard to come by) well it sounds like you were either burned before or simply just haven’t met someone remotely decent. I suppose it could happen in this mad, mad world of ours. I would just suggest that you do not put up walls, Donald Trump sized walls, that literally and figuratively prevent Mr. Great Guy from ever getting close to you. At the end of the day, it is not about the houses or the bitcoins that satisfy us. It is the human relationships that we have (friends, family and partners) that nourish us and makes life worth living. Now go out there and jump on the first decent guy who is not wearing a wedding band!!!


Unfortunately it’s not as easy as you think. If it’s that simple you and your wife wouldn’t have married so late in life.


That sounds about right but I wouldn’t mind burning a few bridges for all that glitter… :laughing:


The reality is that I started dating in life very late and part of me regrets it now. I was busy working right out of college, paying off student loans and then buying my first property. Again, like you, I didn’t come from a family with money. It had nothing to do with my wife, which is exactly my point. I had dated another woman finally who was in graduate school and we simply grew apart, so some years were wasted there. But, after that, I never sat at home, twiddling my thumbs. I dated. I never signed up for Match or Eharmony or anything like that. I met gals through friends or co-workers. I love my wife, but frankly, looking back there were options if I were free or chose a different path. Other gals offered other attributes that I equally like frankly. Sure, most of the gals were not as pretty as my wife but for example one was an athlete and sports freak. God, I would kill for that now. My wife is coming around though due to her love of the Warriors. Hence, this is why I am suggesting to you to not wait too long since the years come and go by so fast. I am sure opportunities are there for you, but you do have to work at it like any other endeavor worth pursuing.


All right, back to normal programming…

How about this junior 5 going 312K over asking!!! Over $1500/sq ft, baby!!!