The Sunset Rocking The Overbids!



:boom: $682k over asking for a cool 1.68 million in the outer sunset


1.68M… chinese buyer for sure


$1.7M for Outer Sunset. Such a low sq ft too. Who would’ve known… :laughing:

And I supposed that nice backsplash spanning all the way to the ceiling made up for the dreaded tunnel entry reprimanded by @manch:rofl:


Oh, of course, it is across from uber popular Andytown Coffee…

Pretty clean though…


That money can buy a proper home down in beautiful millbrae with real lots and no stinking tunnel entries!


Millbrae is passe now…The Sunset is now Ground Zero for Asian!!!


Yes! Bye bye Millbrae… I’ve always hated you… :rofl:


Well, if a 3/2 Millbrae rancher comes by my way for under 1.4M, I would have to jump all over it @wuqijun


Really I thought there was one such posted here not long ago…


Not really looking right now while rehab is going on and wifey is still in Malaysia. She is back on Sunday!!! Woohoo, I survived on my cooking!!!


You can buy something crappy for 1.4 ish in millbrae. But spend 300k more and you will get something decent. Much better value than artic outer sunset.


I want San Bruno only…


You mean you didn’t cheat on her with your ex-crush? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Damn, did you see us out together that night?


Why the need to cheat? Just be frank about it. Your reason is because you need an offspring due to your mom’s wish. If she opposed to that then she would be very inconsiderate… :wink:


Well his wife is the jealous type so if she finds out she will probably divorce him. There goes the eternal Malaysian food voucher…


God, if I could have, I would 10x liked your post…:slight_smile:

No, from talking to wifey, she misses me and home…


Um… the tradeoff is real… :laughing:


Which I don’t understand… you are hot so why would you give a flying F about some less hot (most likely) gal chatting to me??? When I am in the shower, I know she is checking my phone. She knows hot RE agents contact me all the time. Yes, about properties, not about Dragonboy…


She probably got burnt in the past or that’s just her personality and hence why she married late. Not everyone can stand the super jealous type you know, no matter how hot you are…