The Sunset Rocking The Overbids!



Dang, you got me worried now. I honestly am looking at a house with a pool in the backyard…


Current layout may be different so have to adjust according. The goal is to have easy access to livelihood and not to get sickly environment where you sleep. So long the goal is achieved, may not need to follow physical proposal strictly.


I reject all houses with a pool in the backyard. My Chinese neighbors spend tens of thousands to fill up the pool. In fact, according to my Chinese realtor, all Chinese did that. Btw, behind my house is a small knoll, no wind gush :slight_smile: screwing me at night when I am sleeping.

For waterfront property, high rises condo and apartment is ok :slight_smile:


Agreed, my Big Bro filled up his in Saratoga (despite being an avid lover of swimming). The only reason why I am looking at this house is because there is no inventory (and it happens to have one). My wifey from Malaysia for some odd reason (maybe not) does not know how to swim!!! Come on!!!


Pools are pretty useless near SF…too cold…Cheap to backfill…But are divorces less common? Maybe because water is polluted in China it’s a bad thing…But being close to the water in Tahoe is heaven sent…


Not sure if we covered this one but pretty good (1.5M) for near Ocean Beach. Over +400K!!!


Woohoo!!! We are closing in on the 2M bar, @wuqijun!!!


How high is it going to go? :rofl:


The sky is the limit, my friend…

  1. Jobs are here
  2. Fun things are here
  3. Mild weather is here
  4. Other Asians are here (and other peeps)


Yes, let’s forget about irrational exuberance, that phrase doesn’t apply to Sunset… :wink:


How else to explain the heightened valuations??? Those are some damn good wings…


If you see how bitcoin has risen, this is really nothing compared to that.


Do not bite for bitcoins…


Well, there goes that theory that streetcar tracks are a negative…


A tad late on this one… How about nearly 1.5M for a 2/1 Central Sunset home? 455K over asking!!!

Jason, come pick up your commission check…


Cha-ching, Sunset owners!!!

The 20 public schools on the popular ranking site’s list are in a variety of areas around town, including the Marina, Richmond, Haight, Miraloma, Castro and the Western Addition. The top school, Sunset Elementary, is located out near the ocean at 41st and Ortega.


Oh, what a lovely sight!!! Uh, Chinese buyer ya think??? 2,018,888???


Outer Sunset home goes for 485K over asking!!!


Inner Sunset duplex goes for 1.95M, 355K over asking!!!


Ok, Outer Parkside corner home goes for 386K over asking!!! Over $1k/sq ft for a fixer!!!