The Sunset Rocking The Overbids!



OMG, a reduction in price in the Sunset??? The sky is falling, the sky is falling!!!


Itā€™s a reverse floor plan. Not everybody like that.


What!!! I for one, loooove reverse plan homes in the Sunset (as long as there is actual ocean viewsā€¦). That, besides your home (Rousseau style), and those nice totally detached ones between Irving and Lincoln, would be ones I wouldnā€™t mind trading my house forā€¦


My realtor told me that living in a home like that will lead to divorce, according to feng shui. I wouldnā€™t mind that but donā€™t know about youā€¦


In Tahoe keys most homes are reverse floor planā€¦Upstairs living is warmer brighter with better viewsā€¦Even the mst bedroom is upstairsā€¦downstairs is the garage guest rooms and a game roomā€¦


So do you see a high divorce rate amongst those dwellers? :laughing:


Again, how can you say that if you havenā€™t bitten the apple yet in the first place??? You might find a female version of youā€¦


Because Iā€™m single now, thatā€™s why I wouldnā€™t mind. I would if I were marriedā€¦ :wink:


Yes, I understand the divorce rate is alarmingly high and many people are in loveless marriages but YOU, you my friend, could be different. You, could be one of the few, who finds a lovely gal who not only completes you but actually enhances your life and well being that you will wake up and wonder why was I so stupid to wait so long!!!

Hurry up, sign upā€¦

Love (pun intended),


What is a reverse floor plan?


I want I want I want :heart:ļø



Exampleā€¦ you are looking at ocean view from not ā€œfrontā€ but backsideā€¦ thus reverse


That is bad feng shui.
Should be

Road = water in current era
No pond or swimming pool in the backyard!


Waterfront property is the most desirableā€¦Reverse floor plans make for more livabilityā€¦Feng Shui means nothing to most peopleā€¦some of its tenets make no sense


Interestingā€¦reverse plan homes in the Sunset (presumably bought by some or lot of Asians) are fairly desirable. For sure, not shunned like homes with 4444 in street addressā€¦


All tenets make sense, you need to read more. Waterfront means front not back. Your most people is not Chinese right? In USA, so many swimming pool in the backyard, could that be the cause of high divorce rate?:roll_eyes:


If the upstairs living area has a view of the ocean it adds a lot of valueā€¦Dont most SF houses have the garage and spare rooms at ground level and the living areas upstairsā€¦reverse plans are very common


Swimming pools cause divorce? That would mean the BA with very few pools would have a very low divorce rateā€¦I doubt that


Did they manage to get rich or at least FIRE?


Waterfront means the back faces the waterā€¦The front faces the street