The Sunset Rocking The Overbids!



The one exception would be of course if you owned and lived on 19th Avenue, the freeway…


I would avoid 19th Avenue for a primary… I mean I just don’t understand how anyone feel safe driving in and out of their garages living on 19th. And the round the clock noise!!!


Yeah, breathing in all that car soot can’t be good for you…


Totally yeah ---- but that house on 42nd has two single car garage doors with what I bet to be a big post in the middle. That’s also super-irritating. Get a steel beam up in the ceiling and eliminate posts that bisect the garage.

If you want to work on your car, you want to park your car in the middle of the garage during those times so that you have access to both sides.


Sounds like what i need to build my shelby cobra (future) project.


Speaking of which, I probably won’t go to Huntington Beach for that Factory Five car show later this month. Def will try for next year. I am supposed to close soon, so that means I gotta get that house on the rental market. Please be kind to me, rental gods…


Good luck with the rental — and please let us know how you get on with the rental this season!


Thanks! It will be interesting renting out a SFH on this side of the Bay for once. I am not seeing a lot of rental inventory so hopefully I can get enough on the main house that the inlaw unit I can give to my nephew for a song and still be cash positive.


From the mouth of the buyer’s agent himself (Alex, The Front Steps), OMG, 20 offers and at least FIVE offers over 1.6M!!! Who said the Sunset was dying again???


So now that you know how valuable it really is, don’t ever sell your Sunset home!


Damn, you sound like my wifey. I do like the convenience of where I am, being close to Safeway and the shops. The only thing close to that would be Chinatown…


Boom!!! 475k over asking in the Outer Parkside!!! Ever so close to 1.8m now…


They bought last year for 1.15 too. Nice profit cuz remodeling cost was cheap


Why was it cheap? They pretty much doubled the square footage of the original house. Couldn’t have been cheap.


A lot of original stuff and walls, orignal hardwood, no subfloor, average materials


I think you’re being too harsh. Definitely top 10% otherwise wouldn’t have gotten the kind of overbidding.


I don’t care, if original this or tunnel entrance that…just sell baby for sky high prices!!! Someone was willing to pay NEARLY A HALF MILLION DOLLARS over asking!!! That, speaks volumes…


This one probably is in the top 10%
The ulloa one if you have been inside you would know the orginal squeaks when you walk on it


Oh yeah… this one’s better… :slight_smile:


I think that speaks insanity and an overheated market… :scream: