The top Bay Area private high schools ranked by SAT scores

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Really? Where’s Nueva on the list?

“The average scores presented here have been calculated from data submitted to Niche by users during the 2016 testing season. As of March of 2016, the SAT is scored out of 1600 points.”

So to be clear, the data is self-reported by a handful of parents or possibly even students. Sorry manch. I’d take this list with a serious grain of salt.

I know two people who live in Cupertino and yet send their kids to Harker. One is my ex-dentist. The other is a VP in a big tech company.

Harker is definitely very competitive. They do well on math competitions.

Nueva is another competitor. No one’s entered SAT scores for them on niche which is why they didn’t show up:

To be clear, if the Nueva kids really are gifted, they’ll be getting 1300 SAT scores… in 7th grade. That’s when talent search is done and the kinds of scores expected for gifted programs. (Not that that is Nueva’s entry criteria–they do IQ testing.)

People that go to Nueva don’t care about SATs they are more into following their muse…In other words, for spoiled rich kids…

From a parents review

Nueva is a wonderful school for students who are very self-motivated and curious and intellectually curious. It’s a school where everyone is “weird” in their own way and the “weirdness” is really appreciated by the teachers and their peers. In the middle school, it is a bit disconcerting not to have a textbook or a set curriculum, but you soon find out that because the teachers are so excellent that a textbook would merely be dead weight. Instead the kids are learning things far beyond and far more in depth than any other place. In math, 6th graders ponder number theory, number bases, probability all within the context of creative problems - no rote math sheets or problem sets here. In humanities, kids are not asked to regurgitate history, but rather to argue and debate the various players and their positions (e.g., Was Jefferson a patriot or traitor? Debate federalists vs Jeffersonians? It goes on and on and on… While it is a bit loosy-goosey, the teachers have very high expectations for achievement and learning here, and the kids really want to stretch their abilities. It’s not for every body, but for my kid it’s close to perfect.

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I have heard about this school a lot but never known students/parents there.
How is their admission rate to top private schools (like Stanford, MIT, Caltech, CMU(CS) + IVY)?

I’m sorry you see it that way, elt1. When the motto is “No child left behind,” the children who could leap ahead are often ignored. As a parent of a kid who is probably gifted (haven’t had him tested officially, but his scores are generally in the 99th %ile), I am grateful to live in an area that has multiple schools designed to reach kids like him, including Nueva. I’ve read a lot of stories from other parents who don’t live near these resources, and their choices are to homeschool or to move, and homeschooling is often a lonely endeavor for these kids because peers are not easy to find in a small town.

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As per their website, this year’s graduating class will be their first. Some of the comments from students say smaller colleges are their preference, including some which do not require SAT scores.

Nueva is a Hillsborough school for the rich…Your kids will be left out…Not part of local snob scene.
Lick Wilmerding in SF is way better on many levels…