There Is Hope In The World

I am going to start a thread for wrongs that are righted (regardless of how long they took…)

Let’s start with this wonderful guy…

Oops, false alarm on that hope thingy…

You know what? This is where the “you are not an American” mantra comes to my mind. I know, it sounds racist, but I am on the opinion we got to give away back something we got from this beautiful country.

I bet he is an immigrant naturalized American or so. Why not being nice to the country that allowed you to become who you are?

Again, that’s me, only me.

How can this guy actually think he has the right to block the public from using a beach???



We are on a roll…maybe, tomorrow I will post that rent control is being phased out (outright ban would be unrealistic :grinning:)

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Rent control out and rent subsidy (I.e. Section 8) in!!! :rofl:

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Yes, Maine, not Oregon…but still, the voice of reason

Pray. Ben Carson was pounded not long ago and the poor guy couldn’t come up with numbers of the $ they cut on housing, including section 8. There seems to be huge cuts coming.

Why cut Section 8??? You mean socialism is dead??? :rofl:

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Yes. not good for you. :smile:

Wrong! Perfect for me! :rofl:

Yes, let’s start enforcing the laws without prejudice. How will people learn if you don’t???

This story won’t go away…

Previous owner charged for access. Plus there are several vacation homes on the property with leases in jeopardy

Have a great Thanksgiving All!!!



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