There Is Hope In The World

…err, in the universe. Imagine that, the EIGHTH planet. We have a future home people…

The topic is hope in this world. This is hope in another world :slight_smile:

I did try to cover myself without starting a new thread…:wink:

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UGG Boots = U G L Y!!!

It’s summer in Melbourne and kinda strange to be wearing something this warm looking getting on a plane. But, it seems also strange that Quantas considers these bedroom boots. Why would anyone wear anything like this indoors? But, I’m from Japan so shoes come off when entering homes.

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Now that he is firmly in control, he is easing up.

Maybe the Prez can challenge Kim to a pay per view tennis match??? Winner takes all… Yikes!!!


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Opinion of the tax reform is steadily increasing too. Set low expectations early. That way you can beat them and surprise people. They’ll be happier than if you’re simply meeting expectations.

I think they just happy they don’t live in a shithole…lol
Americans need to travel more and see how good
we have it…

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They can live rich in America for a cheap price… Look at some of these cities compared to how expensive world prices are.

I notice for San Francisco, Atherton is mentioned but only a minor dig if you will, as compared to some of cities. I suspect, you really can’t rip Atherton. It is sweet…

But for San Jose, this is funny:

Thrillist likes to poke fun at every one… Rich snobs are easy targets.

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YES IT IS!!! I am still tilting at windmills to have the bay renamed, The “San Jose bay” in honor of the largest city around it.


Ok, @wuqijun, I might be going out on a limb but you needn’t worry that this female would take your money…:grin:

In that case I like Oprah more than Jennifer… :wink: