This Is Exactly Why Oakland Is Oakland

Do you want to be a Big Boy or just the Fab 7x7’s whipping boy??? Grow a pair, my God!!!

Screw the ballpark… Look at the second part of the article…another $3 for tolls and no future cap…wow…

Bay Area voters will be asked next year to raise tolls by as much as $3 on all bay bridges, except for the Golden Gate, under a measure the Legislature just approved.

And more increases could follow, with no cap, based on a cost of living index.

What’d people expect? They spent 5x the budget on the Bay Bridge.

Good!!! Raise raise raise! Bay Bridge way overcrowded. Raise toll to reduce traffic!!!

Forces people to carpool or take BART…oh, never mind…

Which means…SF homes just got more expensive again. Cha-ching!!!


Sounds like discrimination

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Total BS. Stuff SF is known for too. I mean, doesn’t a contractor have a right to make a living? So, what happens if the only bidding contractors are much more expensive than a banned contractor? Are you really going to make the taxpayers pay more just to prove a point (whatever that is really)???

I thought Mexico was supposed to build the wall?


Stupid politicians use taxpayer money doing useless things

it’s called fostering economy.

I would like to bid on building a wall around Oakland…lol


Wait… then how am I going to drive home to SF from the East Bay??? :rofl:

Need a wall around SF too… lol


I caught wind of this last week when I was at Oakland Planning…


Maybe San Jose still has a chance, haha.

"The Growth Council’s affordable housing program was set up using money raised from the state’s cap-and-trade pollution credit auctions. "

Some people might point out that emissions stuff isn’t about emissions at all. It’s just a way to justify higher taxes to fund other pet projects for the left.

If only the Giants give up their rights to SJ, but they won.t