This Is Exactly Why Oakland Is Oakland


How about the A’s to Sacramento???


Is this land available? Build the ball park there. With Golden 1 Center and a baseball stadium, downtown SAC will be on fire (good fire).


Yeah, I will have to do a search on past articles/stories on why Sacramento was never considered. I can’t imagine the Giants have terr. rights for Sac too right (too far)? With Sac growing, the A’s could be another piece that adds to their economy base.


Granted this was over 3 years ago but maybe you need to find a new gal if the old one doesn’t want you anymore…


Deal stinks like a batch of rotting durian…


In addition to the land deal, the city is giving $800,000 to Brown’s group to build the project. The nonprofit also got a huge boost from the Alameda County Board of Supervisors, in the form of $12.7 million in affordable-housing bond money.

Supervisor Keith Carson, for whom Brown was working when she founded the nonprofit, kicked in $620,000 from his taxpayer-funded personal office account.

I need that kind of sweet heart funding…


I know, right? If I were an Oaklander I would be upset that the voting public did not have a say on this matter. Joke…


Not exactly thrilled with Mayor Schaaf’s move… Bring Jerry Brown back!!!:grin:


Geez, should this go under my “It Get’s Better By The Minute” thread or maybe a new “Definition Of Idiots” thread???


Hope they get robbed





Escrow Company: Are those documents dry yet???



As expected… D O A

I am so glad I left your sorry arse behind…



Oakland owners, I feel for you…




Oakland tenants are really, really digging in and trying to screw the owners for every drop. It doesn’t help when the leadership is not exactly great. Bring Jerry back!!!


Unbelieveable… if I were the owner I would take the toy (the A’s) and leave Oakland. Oakland doesn’t deserve anything…