This Is Exactly Why Oakland Is Oakland

That would work as well as asking everyone buying a plane ticket whether they are terrorists or not.

If you don’t show up or say anything, you don’t exist.


Barely half the people bothered to vote. Shameful. I bet Asians voted the least. Hopefully they finally got the message.

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I have one idea that may help, but it is not going to be popular. One word: CURFEW

The criminals are too brazen for that now. They do violence 24/7.
I have an even less popular suggestion that nonetheless works everywhere else. Constitutional carry. Arm the public. Problem solved.

Simple… if they are Democrats they are progressives or at least beholden to the progressive agenda … especially in California. As long as the Democrats dominate State politics progressives will be in charge… that means more crime,
More taxes, more homeless, more drug use…. And worse more helplessness… the enemies of the people are the Teachers Union, State employees unions, tenants rights groups and environmentalists… their agenda will not serve ordinary tax payers and small businesses…

“OPD has been under federal court oversight for over two decades

That says it all!

The Monitor is pulling in some big bucks. The incentive seems to be to prolong as long as possible.

Court records show that from April 2020 through March 2021, Oakland paid $150,000 — or $12,500 each month — to Warshaw & Associates for Warshaw to act as compliance director, while he also collected more than $800,000 as a federal monitor during the time frame.


Making the pleasure last longer?

Oakland Mayor Thao defends efforts to combat crime amid rising criticism

Talk about a job that is way over your head…

Can we say, Jean Quan?

In Oakland’s crime wave, unique problem hits waterfront: ‘Pirates’

Pirate crime spree, vigilantes throw Oakland estuary into lawlessness