This Is Exactly Why Oakland Is Oakland


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Progressive DA Pamela Price is trying to win over skeptics. It’s not working
It would, of course, be wonderful to live in a world where incarceration is unnecessary, but that is not the world we live in

“Price said that she’s working with police to better track gun violence restraining orders and ensure that firearms are removed from the hands of dangerous people — something law enforcement across the state often struggles to do.”

Interesting. That makes it sound like they don’t even track orders to remove guns let alone enforce them.

New documents raise questions about hiring of Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price’s boyfriend **
**The job that Antwon Cloird received was not publicly advertised, county officials say

Nevertheless, Cloird managed to secure a “senior program specialist” job title and salary of $115,502. He is paid $10,500 a year more than another new hire working in his same unit, even though that person has a background in social work and a master’s degree, records show. Cloird lacks a four-year college degree listed as a qualification for the position he filled, but the county allows applicants to substitute real-world experience in the place of education.

It also found Cloird drew the attention of the FBI in 2015 amid allegations that he extorted Richmond business owners for tens of thousands of dollars, though no criminal charges were ever filed.

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Oakland really needs a strong, experienced mayor but of course the people will not vote for one…

Oakland NAACP chapter’s focus on public safety sparks debate, pushback - CBS San Francisco (

This could be powerful and good for communities if they take a stance promoting public safety.

Maybe need 100x?

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Ooops, not Oakland and not San Jose!!! Fab 7x7, batches!!!

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Oh, how cute huh Pamela? This person didn’t do anything wrong. No, not at all. We should give this person a medal, right?

Gee, I wonder which city is that???

I wonder what is the mindset of those people who “accept the crime”.

More crime, Winkler said, means fewer people want to move to Oakland.

“Some people will accept (the crime), some people won’t,” he added.