This Is Exactly Why Oakland Is Oakland



What is it with Oakland in its inability to come up with a great leader? With so many people moving there, you would think there would be plenty of candidates ready to take on Schaaf who is not exactly that great.


What turmoil? The problems listed are the same problems as years and years ago besides the Ghostship fire but that’s not her fault. What is more scary is that most of the challengers are left of her (“ultra-progressives”).

She sparred, sometimes bitterly, with the city’s unions last year,saying Oakland couldn’t afford the pay raises they wanted. Workers went on a weeklong strike.

Ross said Schaaf’s relative fiscal prudence compared with that of her predecessors could position her for a more aggressive second term.

^ Good for her!


Right…so will Oakland finally emerge and get with the program?


Nope, I doubt it but more of the same may be good enough.


Never settle for 3 stars… shoot for 5


Isn’t Prop 10 enough? Nope, not if you are in Oakland… Measure Y. If this passes, an owner can’t evict without cause someone who lives in the same building with him/her. Wow…




Again, why I had enough of Oaktown… the town wants to burn while everyone around it is putting up high rises. I mean, do we see construction fires in the Mission or the Embarcadero? Raiders leaving (good riddance actually), soon the Warriors…what next?


You did the right thing. It is a clusterf in OAK.


Don’t they all???


I miss the good old days. I knew a contractor that would use a building inspector’s card to get extras at massage parlors.


I take it the “extras” is not more towels???


Government is a monopoly on power. If you give government tons of money and tons of power, this is what you get. And it is not the worst. The worst won’t be known, this is simply an accidental leak of a drop of evil.


Let’s be honest, Oakland has had a long history of incompetent leadership in City Hall. Just think about it, you are across the Bay from San Francisco. Wouldn’t you think Oakland would have benefited from the coattails of the Fab 7x7 a long time ago, instead of more recently? Imagine if Jerry Brown didn’t come along and at least started a spark in Oaktown…



Here we go again…Oaktown can’t catch a break.


Sure, why not? In fact, why even have jails in the first place if you plan to not prosecute any and all cases???/


Criminal justice reform is scary. We had one of those types running for county DA. He suspended his campaign last minute due to medial reasons. He was a career public defender. It makes you really wonder why someone like that would want to be a prosecutor except to be very lenient and not prosecute things.

Philly has a DA like that, and the city is becoming much worse. Once you go lenient on small crime people think there are no consequences to their actions. They start to escalate to bigger and bigger crimes. People care more about the criminals than they do the innocent people that live in unsafe neighborhoods.