This Is Exactly Why Oakland Is Oakland



What is it with Oakland in its inability to come up with a great leader? With so many people moving there, you would think there would be plenty of candidates ready to take on Schaaf who is not exactly that great.


What turmoil? The problems listed are the same problems as years and years ago besides the Ghostship fire but that’s not her fault. What is more scary is that most of the challengers are left of her (“ultra-progressives”).

She sparred, sometimes bitterly, with the city’s unions last year,saying Oakland couldn’t afford the pay raises they wanted. Workers went on a weeklong strike.

Ross said Schaaf’s relative fiscal prudence compared with that of her predecessors could position her for a more aggressive second term.

^ Good for her!


Right…so will Oakland finally emerge and get with the program?


Nope, I doubt it but more of the same may be good enough.


Never settle for 3 stars… shoot for 5


Isn’t Prop 10 enough? Nope, not if you are in Oakland… Measure Y. If this passes, an owner can’t evict without cause someone who lives in the same building with him/her. Wow…