This Is Exactly Why Oakland Is Oakland

What do people expect to happen when there are fewer kids? Of course, it’s a SF paper, so they try to make it about race.

Im telling you all, get out of Oaktown if the pricing is good… (or, 1031 exchange is your friend)!!!

I just shot some hoops on my backyard basketball court at my 1031 exchanged San Bruno home from Oakland 4plex and couldn’t be more happy. Best decision ever!!!

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Sorry to be a hater @mcp but we deserve and demand better than this… brings me no comfort to know we are better than some X city or Y state…

The thing that is pathetic is where in the world is Mayor Libby Schaaf??? One would expect the Mayor to address it or say something or even better do something. No, nothing, nada…

Bring back Jerry Brown (or someone like him)!!!

You misunderstood me @caiguycaiguy constructive criticism is always good, blind hate not.

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I knew what you meant but I like to add fuel to the fire too.

Can’t help myself sometimes

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You want the truth???

Let’s be quite frank about the ills of Oakland:

  1. Because you have a huge lower income base there, there is just this Leftist/Progressive way of thinking (oh, the government owes us everything and we are not responsible for ourselves or the current state that we are in) that is coming from every corner of Oakland and so nothing ever gets done. Society there slowly degrades, just as we are seeing before our eyes.

  2. Well, as a result, you have then an incompetent, delusional leadership in Oakland that actually at one point wanted to defund the police. How can you have a Mayor or Board of Supervisors who are say very strong or conservative when the general voting public wouldn’t vote for you anyway?

  3. Too many “thugs” running around or driving around and shooting at each other without a care in the world as innocent bystanders get in the way. These “thugs” didn’t grow up in strong family environments with parental guidance stressing education and hard work.

Fremont baby, cha-ching!!!

Oakland Among Riskiest Cities to Live in the US, New Ranking Shows – NBC Bay Area

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I did say this loooooong time ago…

Libby Schaaf will go down as one of Oakland’s worst mayors (

Even less of a fan of…

Anti Police-Terror Project co-founder Cat Brooks argues that the numbers from Schaaf’s tenure speak for themselves

If Libby Schaaf/public officials keep getting reelected that means people are with her/him, so the people/majority_voters have sanctioned via the elected officials what is meted out to the residents of Oakland


Well, yes and no. Keep in mind that in Oakland (like the Fab 7x7) you have a majority renter voter base. Renters unfortunately only see it their way (not that owners don’t too) so we end with awful rent control laws or simply policies that get shot down in court.

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3 cheers for Fremont!


Hey PGE, just turn off all the lights in the Oaktown flatlands and say, we won’t turn back your power until you give them up. Boom, done!!!

Two PG&E employees robbed in the Oakland hills, police say (