This Is Exactly Why Oakland Is Oakland

Might be a bit late, may be consider to be in Austin.

It’s a great place but I’m too lazy to pivot .

I will be there in August for vacation though!

1031 your way out of Oaktown before Grandpa Biden takes it away from all of us. Best move I ever made. No more sorry government leadership, no more (well less) rampant shootings/crime and homeless. Time flies, I have now lived in my San Bruno home nearly as much as my tenant did after the exchange. Heck, if I can recoup say half of the capital gains exclusion instead of paying The Man the full cap gains it was well worth it since some of the SFHs here are eclipsing 2M now (and I ain’t in posh Millbrae or Burlingame…)

Nice man. Happy for you!

I can’t say no to a good deal even if I know better! I’m sick…

At least my last 5 places are not in Oakland if it means anything. Diversifying away :rofl:

Sounds like you are doing well and are seeing some fruit from your hard labor. Not sure how old you are, but it is my job to remind you (and others) that you can’t take it with you so enjoy some of it, please??? Your kids shouldn’t be the only ones to enjoy it…



Sorry man… me out of Oaktown!!!

Kids football game…

Asian Uber driver

Ho hum, just another day in Oaktown…