This, Is Why Google Is Google


Google is coming with home Hub…Cost $150, but Costco gives $250 for 2.

See the comps


Jeff Bezos attacks Google, defends bids for US military contracts - Business Insider

“We are going to continue to support the [Department of Defense]. And I think we should,” Bezos said on Monday, in a criticism clearly aimed at Google. “It doesn’t make any sense to me… One of the jobs of the senior leadership team is to make the right decision even when it’s unpopular. If big tech companies are going to turn their back on the US Department of Defense, this country is going to be in trouble.”


Google has always want to compete with Apple in the hardware department. Turn out the real competitor is AMZN.


Google has planned to implement search engine and other initiatives with China. So far, they were banned in China, but now they are aggressively planning to expand business in China. This will conflict Pentagon projects and staying away from it. They see bigger growth in China than Pentagon project.


The China plan also got canned because of employee pushback. Makes me think Google has been hiring the wrong people… :thinking:


Would not have made any difference. The China battle was already lost to Baidu over 10 years ago.


No, Baidu sucks. Google’s tech is much better.


This is Sep 17, 2018 news. IMO, google won’t leave China project easily.


No, it’s not about tech, but the vision. Google has no china vision. Doesn’t matter how good its tech is.


Doesn’t matter now. Google’s leadership is too chicken to upset its pampered employee base. :-1:


Those highly paid SWEs cum political activists?


SWE’s are very narrow in their reading and thinking, but they all think they are the best because they make so much money now.


But non-SWEs also think similar.


They are worse, because they think similar but make less money.


IMO, unless economic viability issue or compliance approval issue with China, Companies won’t go back on such big decisions.

I searched internet and there is no reference.

Where is the pointer (link) that Google has shelved that project?


That’s just my prediction. :smile:

If google can’t even stomach the pressure to build for our government, what’s the chance it will have the nerve to build for the Chinese? I see zero chance.


IMO, Google does not like the way House Committee included them with the issues they found with Twitter & FB. The pressure from government on google is not necessary as they did not break any major issue.

Google’s network, servers are strongly protected, their standard and quality are higher than other players.

In addition, they have wide variety of products such as Nest, Waze, Waymo, office network products…etc sponsoring VC initiatives for many startups …etc.

If google goes to China (and also India), they will grab major market and will become another Trillion company.

They have gone too big, but they are too good to meet any challenges with cash power and quality work.


By the way, this is an excellent product they introduced now, I pre-ordered from Costco already (deal of $50 from costco)

They beat Amazon, Facebook in quality and functionality


Let’s see if google has the guts to go in.


Revenue drives them. They will do it as it provides them big market place, not only for search engine, but they can do big data analysis about consumer market, build products.

Next to USA, China is the big market esp for consumer side. If they make it at China, then it is easy for them to touch Trillion Market cap !

Good that I bought GOOGL & AMZN stocks during this downfall. Time to buy more GOOGL ! Hurray !!