This, Is Why Google Is Google


I am always inspired by money.


Churn. Google might become old msft in not long. A lot of smart people i like to work with dont feel like going to work or considering to leave. They dont have the courage to because they have kids, they are comfortable, etc.

it became a process place where directors feel like they should be in control of things they dont know about, and most will constantly try to impress their higher management instead of doing what is right for the business. This comes with the constant struggle with bringing projects to finish line, and also means many projects that are dead from arrival will be attempted and pushed for long time.

you might check the stock price, and say everything is good, but also don’t forget, google was young, and now is established, there was a financial crisis so rise was inevitable. wait until you find out what happens in 10 years, if things go this way. when google becomes old msft, you will remember my words :slight_smile:

I kind of blame this on sundar.


Microsoft is coming back with a vengeance. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and eagerness of azure when I set up the translation service on this site. Just minutes ago I got a phone call from a real human being asking if I need help with any azure projects.


That’s why i am saying old microsoft :slight_smile:


Google’s cloud effort always strikes me as half hearted. I am pretty sure google has the best tech but somehow it’s not very interested in getting other people use it?



That’s what happens when you think you’re running a research university and not a company.


Oh pls :slight_smile: