This, Is Why Google Is Google


Overall, this is the attractive case:


Wow, now they fire a woman and hire a man to replace her…

Interesting since Kurian was just mentioned here, since he was fired for not performing while running Oracle’s cloud business.


Nice exit on paper. She will be gone after all her RSUs are vested. No new RSUs. Forget the term for this type of exit.


She’s still on the board. Not exactly a “firing”. More like she has done the 2 years required after Google bought her crap company so she chose to rest and vest.





How do they think Google affords such generous compensation and all the perks for employees? If they care so much about values, they should go work for a non-profit for about 1/4 what they make at google. Oh wait, they won’t do that, so their values aren’t that important.




Shocking. Oh wait, it’s entirely predictable.



too bad. I like and use google hangouts




Google is not going to China near future - confirmed during testimony.


Obvious decision. Liberals rule.


Actual video and answer


They were doctoring recommended results during the 2016 election. I posted the screen shots of what it would recommend compared to their own analytics of how often terms were searched.


Does congressional hearing mean anything or do anything? Or is it just public shaming?