This, Is Why Google Is Google


I listened FB, TWTR and GOOGL hearing. FB & TWTR, they had issues and trying to resolve it. You know what happened after that.

Where as google, they denied and maintained firmly that their search is based on algorithms, no manual manipulation, ready to work with congress or any government authorities…etc.

There were rough times, congress men pushed, but google firmly denied. Some congress men did not agree with google till end.

One thing confirmed, Google is not going to China even though they admitted checking such possibilities internally then and there.

C-span has the 3:30 hr video here


Here is the nice valuation discussion about GOOGL.






Are there tons of money to be made in “Netflix for games”?
Apple will be into it soon. Not sure why Apple wants to be in since it doesn’t sell ads.
FB will be into it soon.
AMZN bought Twitch.

I notice many software companies like to gyrate to Apple model of integrated software-hardware model.
And I don’t like Google, tends to follow what Apple does e.g. iPhone, AV, now streaming game playing. Pretty sure Google would come up with a watch.



Video game sales are higher than movie ticket sales. It’s a bigger industry.

The issue is the game publishers and console makers get all of the profits. Consoles are sold at break even. The manufacturers make money by charging game makers a royalty for every game sold for their platform.

Game makers get most of the profits from game sales as retailers all compete on pricing. 80-90% of game sales are within the first 2 months of release. Then the discounting starts and retailers lose money on them.

Guessing what demand will be and buying the right amount is the key to making money as a game retailer. A game like Fallout 76 which tanks way below everyone’s expectations can be a massive P&L drag. Game makers typically don’t allow vendor returns of excess product, because of how rapidly it declines in value.

Digital game rental would solve a ton of those issues. Physical game rental would struggle to be a viable business.


Waymo Starts Selling Sensors to Lower Cost of Self-Driving Cars

The move puts Alphabet’s autonomous-vehicle unit into competition with Velodyne for the growing lidar business.

On a separate note, Velodyne HQ is in San Jose. Go Bay Area!




If FAAMG continues to do similar things, should split them up. No new ideas. Can’t they do something that the other guy in the FAAMG haven’t done yet. Google is especially irritating, always copying Apple e.g. iPhone, Apple Watch, HomePod, video streaming service, …

FB - After social media, nothing new.
AMZN - After AWS, nothing new.
MSFT - Nothing new.
GOOG - After search, nothing new.


Google is everywhere, competitor to AMZN , Msft , TSLA, aapl , FB and any other big companies !

I like google for that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Alphabet is becoming BRK. Yes, copy WB way. Shame to the boys, call them geniuses and can tackle anything but actually no creative idea.


Competition brings the best product to people and healthy for economy. Otherwise, it is monopoly that is not good.

TSLA started EV long time before, but now you see how many competitors…Still they win over others, but TSLA reduces prices, that benefits people/consumers.

Plenty of credit card companies, plenty of banks…everywhere competition.

If we do not have competition, home prices won’t go up. Competition is core of business economy.


YouTube is google’s most important asset. Happy to see them try to find new ways to unlock its value. In a world where gamers pay money to google to stream games apple’s App Store revenue will crumble. :smiling_imp:


Do you mean NVDA? No need for powerful GPU :triumph: Sell your NVDA 2mrw.

Since Apple goes for perfection, would take longer to develop and if competitors got wind of it, is able to release earlier since competitors always release beta quality software. Since Google announces today, likely Google got wind of it and stole the ideas + employees from Apple. Apple event on Mar 25 would reveal video streaming and Apple Plans Gaming Subscription Service


Did you see how much AMD went up? Streaming games still needs powerful GPU, but they will be at the server end.


More profitable at client end. After so many decades, the vision of thin client fat server is arriving… feel like mainframe reborn.