This, Is Why Google Is Google

The original point of @marcus335 comment is that Mac used to be the main revenue driver of Apple. 30 years later, Apple develops an iPhone business which replace Mac as the main revenue driver of Apple. From 2007, iPhone is a 15 years old product… still young :slight_smile: No urgency for a new main revenue driver. Revenue of iPhone overtook that of Mac in 2010. So Mac has been Apple’s main revenue driver for 33 years while iPhone has only been for 12 years.

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But Apple’s revenue growth was only 2% last quarter, vs Google’s 13%. Nothing to worry about?


This is not a competition. From an AAPL investor’s perspective, very happy to have 30+% CAGR for 25 years.

Google refuses to reinstate man’s account after he took medical images of son’s groin

The man, only identified as Mark by the New York Times, took pictures of his son’s groin to send to a doctor after realizing it was inflamed. The doctor used that image to diagnose Mark’s son and prescribe antibiotics. When the photos were automatically uploaded to the cloud, Google’s system identified them as CSAM. Two days later, Mark’s Gmail and other Google accounts, including Google Fi, which provides his phone service, were disabled over “harmful content” that was “a severe violation of the company’s policies and might be illegal”, the Times reported, citing a message on his phone. He later found out that Google had flagged another video he had on his phone and that the San Francisco police department opened an investigation into him.

Mark was cleared of any criminal wrongdoing, but Google has said it will stand by its decision.

Don’t do automatic photo uploads, be it Google, Apple or whichever company. Also, don’t be like this man, putting all his digital eggs in one company’s basket. Again, doesn’t matter if it’s Google, Apple or whoever.

We need more government oversights of these unregulated digital giants.

174,000 employees is INSANE. Companies need to get rid of the mindset that promotions are based on team size. All it does is encourage people to grow their team size whether it’s needed or not. When revenue is growing fast, it’s far too easy to add headcount.



Easiest. Using impact is difficult to measure, tend to be subjective.

It used to be that way. In today’s data world, people can quantify it if they want.

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You can get to SVP so long you can convince people like @tomato to work for you.

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