This, Is Why Google Is Google


What’s @tomato’s goal?


$100M. Don’t like your $25M. Not sufficiently stretched.


You need to tell your sons to work harder.


I think after you go beyond $20M, getting more money will not improve your standard of living, and other factors come into play.


Man i had high dreams look like.


One thing I am very sure. Continue to do what I am doing now, can’t achieve tomato’s goal. Need a fundamental rethinking.


I have an idea for you, you can either go 100M, or get a nice shave on your net worth: Make your mad man options portfolio your main portfolio :slight_smile:


The way I am planning to approach this:

  1. Buy primary
  2. Soon after buy an investment property
  3. Buy an income replacing business, so i can be hands off, but still have at least 50% of my current comp. This will probably take couple years to achieve.
  4. Scale the business and maybe buy another one or so to have more income.
  5. Rinse, repeat 2,3,4.

In the meantime, with additional time i have explore different ideas.

As time goes by (3) becomes hard, as total comp increases over time. This 1-5 is probably enough to get 20M, but probably won’t make 100M. 100M is in the exploratory ideas, but likely they are not to go anywhere.


If you are going to do 1, 2, and 3 in parallel rather than serial, then you might have a better shot at it.


Yeah that’s the plan, but if i stretch 1 and 2, 3 suffers.


Then rather than buying a 2.5M primary, just buy a $1M property and can use the other $1.5M for 2 and 3 :slight_smile:


You are single, aren’t you? :slight_smile:


Really. Human population will go extinct if everyone needs a $2.5M mansion to be married.


that’s not what i meant. IT’s ok :slight_smile:


You have a funny sense of a mansion. 2.5m gets you crapshack in places we are looking for :stuck_out_tongue:


What exactly did you mean then? You mean your wife is a bridezilla and demands a $2.5M house for dowry?


IT’s fine, that’s between me and my wife. Not everything is financially optimized, you write it off, and move on. I make good income and on good growth path, so i am not that concerned.


I told him to buy options. Stock market dived today. Buying SQ options with 6 month expiration 3-4 strikes in the money could double his net worth.
But also could take it down.


Not even close. Wqj would say “buy tesla and wait it to become 500b$ company”.


I think you can reverse the order a little bit. Why not go with 2 first instead of 1? You are in a rent controlled apartment. Might as well make full use of it.