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It’s a bit late for that. If it were purely up to me, i would have bought last year in MTV and would be sitting on >500K additional equity. Sometimes you gotta see it to believe it - which is what happened to my better half :slight_smile: That built some level of trust between us, i built up my financial plans into her mind in the meantime. Could probably do it some other way, but it’s too late for that :slight_smile:


wqj idea is good, all 1, 2, 3…etc in parallel, buy primary home as early as possible in and around 1M or 1.5M level. Last year to this year price jump is 20%-25% is too high. Even if it dips 6% or another 10%, you are paying higher than last year.With that FOMO, I pushed hard to get a home.

I have seen this bay area, it reduced only two times in my past, one during and another during RE crash. All other times, it was going up and up, never stopped appreciation.


Isn’t that supposed to be established before marriage…

Also I don’t see why you have to buy in Mountain View. You aren’t going to be with the same employer forever even if you choose to stay in the rat race. If you like it there so much then I guess it can’t be helped…it is your place after all :slight_smile:


Trust is not blind trust, he may be referring mutual agreement on getting a home or pricing a home.

Yes, he need not buy MV, but any nice location and also near by offices or work, just less than 30 minutes drive. Faster the buy, better he is. Bigger lot, 8k or 10k or more is very well added advantage for the money he is trying to put in for primary home.


My ideas are good, but I think @tomato is limited by his wife’s wishes. Everyone has limitations…


Even after many purchases, we disagree/compromise for every offer to offer, that is very common.


oh boy. Marriage is an organic thing. it evolves over time. How can you trust a person about their child bearing & caring abilities without actually seeing them do that? You take a leap of faith, and assume trust, over time you see it become true.

Not everyone goes through same world experience, no? If she sees something didn’t work for her dad, she may not want me to try that (e.g. a financial instrument), or she might be afraid of trying that. That’s on me at that point to break that

Either way, I think my plan so far is working, and im gonna stick with what works for me :slight_smile:


You seem to underestimate people that don’t agree with you a lot, even though you have no idea who i am besides knowing my name :slight_smile:


Um… I don’t underestimate people. Maybe you are actually Larry Page’s right hand man? :wink:


Guys, why is the assumption that i am never buying something :slight_smile:
That thing is already settled, we are buying, and we are buying in places I am saying. It took time, yes, but this helped me get her comfortable over many other things.

She’s now ok with me taking more risks, which makes life a lot less stressful, believe me.


What?? #1 is done!?


I saw homes selling around 350k in Cupertino, did not pull my trigger, but paid 3x after 10 years ! My friend bought 450k home, sold at 590k when he was laid off, but eventually bought again at 1M level !


Not what i said. I said she used to have really narrow list of places we should buy, that list is now larger.


Buy large lot, 10k flat lot or more is first preference, and then 8k is 2nd preference, never buy less than that.


I saw Cupertino homes selling around 450k. Did not pull my trigger. After 15 years and value increased 4x, still has not pulled any trigger :scream:


I saw tesla at 30, did not pull trigger. When it hit 200, i had pulled some trigger, took 2X through calls, and left.


I think Yoda can relate to you on that…lol

The inner poor self me finds it mind boggling that you can’t find anything desirable at 2.5M…sorry I just have to say that :slight_smile:


Many mistakes have been made.


How did we hijack the thread so much from google to my world domination plans to my marriage and then to what house to buy?!?


We’re still on topic - you work there so it’s all good.