This Is Why I Am So In Love With Penang, Malaysia!

Come on, guys/gals… this is sweeeet!!!

Waterfront Home Tour #13 • Property Penang - YouTube

Ok, I got your attention, but how much you say. 2M? 3M?

How about approx $350K!!!

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what is the hoa like? And did the last tsunami affect penang?

Penang has developed so much since my last visit 30+ years ago :slight_smile:


Why is the balcony small? Is that the way in Malaysia or just the builder choice?

No, US… in Riggits, what did the post state…1.6M MYR?

HOA is not very much I hear. I don’t have specifics for you though, on that. I do know that property tax is nothing practically!

Its just how this particular condo development building is. Oh man, there are some with massive balconies or penthouses!!! More, of course.

All I am saying is that I would be more than fine with having this as my home in semi retirement. It is all I need. $350K US may sound like a lot, but not really if this going to be my home… And, ok, so let’s say too expensive ,we can always rent something like this for oh maybe $1k-$1.5K tops per month. Surely, as a retiree that is doable…

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Best of both worlds: Retire in JB, Melaka, iPoh or Penang for very low cost of living and visit SG often for cosmopolitan lifestyle.
Street/ Hawker’s centre food in Malaysia taste better because of fresher ingredients, SG has to import cold storage stuffs from overseas.

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Yup, that is the plan! Owning in Singapore would be great but just too expensive to make it really worthwhile at my age and situation (no kids, so why do it?).

I know it is an ongoing argument between Malaysians and Singaporians but for what’s worth, my bro-inlaw’s (Malaysian) wife who is Singaporian also agrees that the hawker food in Malaysia is better.

I’ve heard the natural history in Malaysia is awesome because it hasn’t been built out as much as some nearby countries. Birds, reptiles, whatever your thing. I could hang comfortably in a penthouse like that; wouldn’t even need 2000 sq ft., in between sojourns to the jungle.

Why do two of you need 5 bathrooms?

I know it’s the style of Malaysia/Singapore, but I can’t stand those shiny floor tiles.

Correct, especially if you to the Eastern side of Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak) on the Borneo side? That, is nature galore for you want it. More jungle and nature. Honestly, even back at KL, the capital I believe there is a huge rainforest park that is in the urban city. Definitely not a lack of green if you want it in Malaysia.

Absolutely, 10000% agree with you. I would redo the condo to be more of a bachelor, cool, clubby feel pad. Dark wood walls and hardwood flooring. My understanding is that you can remodel your condo inside pretty much to your liking as long as mostly cosmetic. This, would be an ideal condo. I could live with the veined dark marble flooring. Presented by Mr. Sam Kam again no less.

(1) The Marin Home Tour #6 • Property Penang - YouTube

Tile is cool in warm climates and hardwood can suffer from high humidity. I think I’d get used to it. Tile is common here in the southwest.


One shouldn’t bring style suitable for temperate climate to a tropical climate. Tropical climate is hot and humid. Marble and tile are best. At one time, people use carpet for bedroom flooring which later found to be not practical, people change to hardwood/ parquet… many people sleep with aircon on, so hardwood floor is quite good in this artificial temperate climate.

Why shiny? I have no idea, could be easier to clean. Unless is raining, we open the windows to let air flow through the house, may be shiny floor looks better? and easier to clear the dust.

Definitely a consideration for us to actually live in Malaysia or Asian country part of the year when we retire.

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Yeah, as an ABC no less, I actually felt very comfortable there. Here, let me sell you Malaysia again:

  1. English widely spoken
  2. Favorable exchange rate (now approx 4.24 ringgit to 1 dollar; was as high as 4.6-4.7 recently)
  3. Terrific food (Chinese, Indian, Malay, Thai of course, etc)
  4. Warm/hot weather year round
  5. People are extremely friendly and welcoming.
  6. Relatively safe - GUNS ARE ILLEGAL THERE!
  7. Medical care (private plans) are very good (Western doctors)
  8. Good central Asia homebase to jump to all those other countries cheaply.
  9. Foreigners can buy property there.
  10. You can have choice of very urban (KL) or very green (nature) laid back lifestyle there.

I think that covers the big items…


Shiny is not the biggest problem. It’s the light beige color + shiny that’s off putting. I grew up in Hong Kong with similar climate but maybe not as bad as Singapore. I had hardwood floor growing up. We put some kind of coating on it. So it’s shiny but dark color. It’s much more tasteful than this shiny + beige tile stuff.

Like how can ladies wearing a skirt even walk there? The reflection can be very revealing. Perhaps that’s a feature not a bug?

No selling needed anymore. Showed this to my wife and she wants to retire and move there next month. Maybe can retire now plus all the great food for cheap is taking over.


Thought common color is white. Also usually pattern. Marble is white and pattern.

? Firstly, nowadays hardly any women wear skirts. Second, they wear an opaque white skirt-like underwear. For blouse, wear an opaque white blouse-like underwear. Are you sure they are Singaporeans? May be they are Hong Kong tourists/ PRs?