This is Why We Have Been Loving Fremont So Long

God, look at that lot!!! Potential…

List price was just lowered by $90K.

Ok, it is not selling due to the church next door. Probably so crowded on Sundays or whenever there are church events. This is a perfect property for someone with some money to play with and who has a longer line of sight. You put in a multi unit apartment building and add fencing and plants, could be decent…

Still going…

When are you cashing out and moving to Texas?


No plans immediately. Also wife needs to agree.

Serious to go to Austin?
Thought you want to buy rentals. If for Primary, I would recommend new construction :slight_smile:
Try to buy from these builders,
Scott Felder
Highland homes
American legend
David weekly
Taylor Morrison
Toll brothers
Perry homes

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Saw a small fire on the sidewalk near Niles blvd this morning. Last thing we need is more fires so I had to stop and try to put it out. It was a lot of smoke but the flames weren’t big, just dry leaves and grass.

But of course all I had was a can of LaCroix so I try to stomp on the fire and pour from my little can. :joy:

Luckily another dude stopped and he had a gallon sized water. We put out the fire and covered the hot spots with dirt. Job well done I say. :handshake:

Rewarded myself with a latte and pastry at Devout Coffee on Niles and then hit up the farmers market . Finally kept it real Asian and went to the Costco at pacific commons.

Another beautiful day in Fremont!


3-peat!!! Cha-ching!!!

More love for Fremont!!!

Yes, San Jose and even the Fab 7x7 is in the Top 10!!!

pretty good …

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And, the house just went up even more with that story about best place to raise a family!!!

Again good

Yes!!! Hit that $2M bar!!!

This one in the same geographical area with 350 sq ft smaller size sold in April 2022 for $2M.

But market trend seems to be looking up again.

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On 07/25/2023:
Redfin estimate : $1,543,845
Zillow Estimate: $1,659,100
Sold Price: $1,820,000


For this dated house.

I guess there is still plenty of well employed people with money around.

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Yeah, however

check out this Redfin market insights for zip code 94555 where the house is located.


Only got one in 94538

If I ever decide to leave the slums, I need to upgrade and join the fun in Fremont!

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You’re too humble.